Why a Clothing Subscription Box Service For Kids is Worth It

You want your kids in stylish, high-quality clothes. So why is it that your best efforts are often frustrated by last-minute purchases and protests from your kids about what they will and won’t wear?

Keeping up with your kids’ clothing needs, especially during a growth spurt, means that the traditional route of buying clothes might not be the best choice for you.

Instead, consider the benefits of a clothing subscription box service. If you haven’t heard of this before, a clothing subscription box service is the perfect example of a solution that can take one task away from your busy week and save you money while you’re at it. So start today, and discover the benefits for yourself.

What Is a Clothing Subscription Box Service?

Subscription boxes have become something of a feature of 21st-century life. Products ranging from vegetables to shaving tools have been transformed into a monthly subscription service.

A clothing subscription box follows that same monthly model. You pay a fixed fee each month, set a few requirements, and are sent a package of clothes tailored to your kid’s needs.

This has brought the luxury of personal shopping services from the elite millionaires to the masses.

Benefits of a Clothing Subscription Box

We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of shopping for clothes for ourselves and our kids. So is a subscription box worth it? Here are some of the main benefits.

It Saves You Time

Shopping might have been something of a fun pastime before starting a family, but we all know how hectic life can be once children are in the picture. Especially if they walk around the shop hand in hand with you.

Shopping via subscription means you can get your clothes order done at the click of a button. The clothing company can take care of the rest until the package arrives in the post.

And you get your time back to spend on the things you really want to do as a family. Or perhaps a peaceful spa day just for you.

Your Kids Will Love It

You’ll know from experience that from the perspective of a child, there is nothing as exciting as receiving a package in the post when it has their name on it.

Clothes and children can often become a battleground. Still, when faced with a surprise box that your kid must open, that battleground suddenly becomes as exciting as Christmas day.

You’ll Control Your Clothing Budget

Clothes purchasing with children is often a rushed affair. You’ll be planning a weekend away and find they have outgrown the sandals you bought them the last time you attempted a family day at the beach.

Last-minute purchases are often an expense that you didn’t plan for and eat into that bit of money saved for a rainy day.

When you use a clothing subscription service you plan ahead, which means you have a set clothing budget each month for your kids that you won’t exceed.

You Only Pay for What You Want

Though most online stores offer returns on clothes, the return policies differ. It can be a hassle sifting through the small print if you have ordered something that comes in the wrong color or size.

With a subscription box, you only have one return policy to remember for all your clothing purchases.

That means you’ll only ever have to pay for what you want instead of reluctantly putting away that sweater that you ordered that you don’t really want.

No Nasty Surprises in Quality

There is nothing worse than paying over the odds for a new item of clothing you spotted on Instagram, only for it to arrive with disappointingly thin material and stitching that doesn’t look quite right.

Ordering from one subscription service means you have someone who will do that quality check for you. You know what you expect, and you know that everything that is sent will be of the same high standard.

You’ll Get the Sizing You Expect

Clothing companies are notorious for having odd and mismatched sizing for their clothing.

You’ll order your six-year-old an age 6-7 jacket from a famous kids brand and find that it won’t even fasten, so you try a different store and order another coat.

This time you proceed with caution by opting for the one aged 7-8 instead. And you now find you are the owner of a jacket that would probably fit your teenage son.

Buying your clothing from one subscription service means you’ll always get a complete outfit in the correct size. You won’t have your kids complaining about uncomfortable clothes, even after showing them the sizing label.

How to Choose the Right Subscription for Your Kids

If you’ve decided to switch to subscription clothing services for your kids, there are a few things to know before clicking that order button.

Here’s how to make sure you find the best subscription service for you.

First, take a look at the quality guarantees the clothing company offers as part of their service. Do they offer a guarantee of quality, and is there an easy way to return the items you don’t want to keep?

Next, find out what savings they offer. Many subscription companies can offer a discount on retail prices, making sure you are getting great value for money.

Look at the contract for subscriptions and if you are tied into a certain number of months. Find out how easy it is to cancel.

It’s worth finding a service that allows you to cancel at any time, particularly if your financial circumstances change.

Don’t forget to look for additional pricing before you order, such as shipping costs and destinations.

Finally, take a look at how flexible the choice is with the subscription service. All kids have their own style and preferences, so it’s vital to find a service that will allow you to tailor the choices to your children’s tastes and needs.

Take Clothes Purchases off Your to-Do List

21st-century living has made our lives busier and more stressful than ever before. When you have the opportunity to make something easy and fast, it’s time to grab it!