Why Are Companies Across The World Looking For Candidates With ITIL Certification?

In a number of big brands and also many of the other companies across the world, the HR department keeps an eligibility criterion of the candidates to be professionally certified in order to get the desired job position. In many of the other firms along with the mandatory criteria of certification, they may also seek for someone who is also experienced in the field. Some of the major certification that such companies wish to look for with the candidates is ITIL, PMP, and so on.

Having a look at the number of increased companies looking for such certifications, now the number of candidates looking out for the training programs have also got increased. Of course, with the increasing number of candidates, the number of training centers providing the candidates with the required training has also consistently increased.

These courses are such that are recognized internationally and hence the modules are set as per the international standards. This makes the candidates to appear for the interview not only in the best companies within the domestic boundaries but also abroad. It is said that half of the work is done already when the company see the certifications attached to the candidates resume. Apart from this, if the candidate has got an experience in the same field, this increases the chances even more. The rest of the interview is just a formality.

But again there are also many companies that take up the select procedure quite seriously and conduct interview sessions that are based on the theoretical knowledge of the candidates and also stress rounds where the candidates are provided with case studies that they need to deal with. Such interviews are conducted to check whether the candidate has just attained the certification by mugging up or has actually absorbed something from the training.

So, why are so many companies across the world desperately looking for candidates who have got ITIL certification? Here are some of the possible answers to it.

Clients Look For Certifications

Clients today have got quite smarter than before. They also know about the various benefits of having certification training done and hence wish to go for a company that has certified employees. The competition is so much tough that losing out the clients on basis of this clause can lead to extreme loss and regrets. Hence, many of the companies today hire candidates with certification in training programs such as ITIL and others. When the client is impressed of the team of the company, then only they will trust on the services of the company. With this built-up trust and confidence, the relationship in between the company and the clients goes on for a much longer time.

The Basics Are Clear

There are a number of people who have worked for many years in the IT industry and have gained a good experience of many years. They quite deserve in getting selected in the top most IT firms. But there are a number of places where they might lack professionalism. When the basic knowledge about a thing is not known, experience in that field does not matter much. The candidate may be someone great in handling projects and providing results but only a certified candidate knows how to handle the project in an effective way and how to get results that are highly satisfactory. The certified candidates work based on the principles learned in the training program. Hence, the chances of getting stuck up in complex situations are much lesser than the non-certified candidates. Also, it has been seen that a certified candidate is much skilled in the tasks in comparison to the ones who are not.

Motivated And Confident

One of the major reasons of why the companies are looking forward for such certified candidates is that they are highly motivated and also confidence. Whenever a project is provider, they do not look at the project with a confusing or doubtful vision. They are highly motivated to look at the project with confidence and take it with much higher enthusiasm. From where does such motivation and confidence arrive? While taking up the training, the candidates not only go through the various theoretical topics. They also go through different case studies and make projects based on practical scenarios. There are practical sessions also that the candidates need to solve out. Such practical options along with the theoretical modules not only motivates the candidates in scoring great in the exam but also grows a confidence in them that they will be able to handle any project and sort out any problem in the field.

Skilled In Other Qualities Too

The best thing about the certified candidates is that they are not only skilled in the ITIL course but also are skilled in many other qualities. There are so many other skills that are equally important to make the candidates perfect and professional for the IT industry. When handling different projects, it is important that your team work in a coordinated way and there are no clashes or no such problems in the team. To have such a situation created, it is important for you to be a great leader.

Again, it is the responsibility of the professional to maintain a proper communication in between the team to deliver the results in a proper time. Having a proper communication with the stakeholders, clients, and customers also help the company to retain the clients and the customers and to have a healthy term with everyone.

Hence, having a proper leadership quality and a communication quality is a must with a candidate. This can be only possible when the candidate has undergone training for such skills. These days’ professional certification courses understand this and hence also provide such skill training in their course. Hence, companies prefer to hire candidates who are professional certified in different training programs such as ITIL.

Saving Money On Employees

Initially when the popularity of these certifications started, many of the companies started imparted training to their candidates so that better results in the business can be noticed. Though it actually started showing good results but this type of training meant an investment of a huge amount and also an extra devotion had to be show in training the employees. To cut out the expenses incurred in such trainings, many of the companies started hiring certified candidates from outside. There are so many candidates available today who are certified in training programs such as ITIL and are also experienced to a certain extent in the said field.

Higher Efficiency

Not to be mentioned, the main reasons why companies make different new strategies are to increase their productivity, decrease their cost of production, and moreover get a result that is highly efficient. Suddenly, the increased demand of the certified candidates can be said to be one such strategy only. The trained professionals are aware of the basics and hence they know how to handle the projects in the right way. One top of that, the extra skills of the candidate such as time management, communications skills, leadership skills, and many others add up extra to get the task done in an efficient way. It has been noticed that working in the right way not only yields high productivity in the business but also decreases down the cost of production to a much greater extent.

When you search for the professional certification courses, there are so many sites that are offering you with such training programs. These sites have come up in this extensive way because the number of candidates demanding such training courses has increased drastically. This has happened because today a high number of companies across the world are making use of different methods such as ITIL for better operations and to handle these, they are looking forward to hire candidates who are not only experienced but also certified.