Why are online casino providers important? | Safe and secure online gambling with best providers

The casino games you encounter online are created by different software vendors. Usually, an online casino collaborates with different companies. They do this to be able to offer as many different games as possible. Sometimes you’ll find software from as many as 20 different casino providers. By adding multiple companies you can choose from a few thousand games. This means you’ll have a larger selection online than in a real casino!

Are you curious about what to pay attention to as a player? Here everything about the different software you will encounter is explained.

Reliable casino providers are obviously important

Of course, you want to gamble online safely and not get into trouble by wagering your money online. It is therefore important that you use reliable software. Most licensed online casinos are obligated to work only with reliable software. But of course, it’s nice to know which software is reliable. There’re many comparison sites on the internet that you can check for online casino reviews, including their trustworthiness, license, and software provided.

It’s better to play from providers that are licensed to produce casino games and ones that have proven for years that they make reliable games for online casinos.

Each game is created according to a Random Number Generator

One of the obligations that casino software must meet is the Random Number Generator. RNG actually stands for a random drawing of numbers or symbols. This means that the outcome of a casino game must always be drawn randomly. The game cannot be manipulated in such a way that players are selected by the casino itself. Every round the symbols or numbers must be drawn randomly. Likewise, there are random winners in the casino every round. This means that no player is favored because he has wagered more money. But this also means that the casino cannot determine who wins or loses. This is a nice idea especially if it’s your first time gambling online. You want to be protected while playing!

RTP or Return to Player

The casino software should not only have a Random Number Generator but also a Return to Player percentage. Every casino game must have an RTP percentage. This percentage indicates the minimum percentage of players that will win their bets back.

At a legal online casino, this percentage should be at least 80%. This is higher than we sometimes see at the land-based casino for example. Here we sometimes encounter slot machines that are at 60%. The percentage can be influenced by, for example, showing winning combinations more often. Most games in an online casino even have an average percentage of 95%. So this is hefty especially if you compare it to a real casino. Online casino sites naturally have lower costs. This leaves more money to give away to the players!

Permit for building casino games

For a few years now, you have not been allowed to just develop casino software as a company. Companies must have a license before they are allowed to make real games. A license allows them to demonstrate that they are operating safely and legally. A license is only granted if the games are built according to the RTP and Random Number Generator. The licensing authorities also check this regularly. For example, the games are extensively tested to make sure they are really safe for the players. If everything checks out, they receive their license, but it can also be revoked. Most casinos don’t cooperate with unlicensed casino software. They run the risk of losing their license. In short, all licensed sites usually have safe and legal software on their website.

Discover online casino providers from your cell phone

Today, you don’t need to own a laptop to play games. Most of the games are built mobile-friendly. This means that you can just visit the website of the online casino on your smartphone. From your smartphone, you can play the different games directly. All you have to do is load the games on your phone and you can get started. The websites and games are built with HTML 5. This means that they are playable on any smartphone. There is no need to download games or install special software on your phone. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

Really anywhere online gambling thanks to your phone

The great thing about mobile-friendly casino providers is of course that you can really gamble online anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Nowadays almost everyone has a 4G connection on their cell phone. Through the internet, you can play games instantly. You don’t even need a 5G connection. The games are even designed to work on slow internet. In short, a phone is really all you need to load the games.

Online casino software raises the bar compared to a real casino

If you have ever played in a real casino, you know exactly what to expect. You’ve probably played some of the old-fashioned slot machines here. Or maybe you’ve even tried the modern slots. Yet the bar has been raised even higher at online casinos. The range of casino providers is still growing every year. As a result, the providers have to go out of their way to stand out. The result is games that are sometimes really not inferior to complete video games.

This is what makes online gambling so much fun. Sometimes you just forget that you are gambling. You can immerse yourself in an online world and win real money. The 3D graphics are all of a high level. The best way to find out is to test the games for yourself.

Discover the live casino!

One of the biggest innovations in casino software is the live casino. The live casino takes place in a real casino. Here is a table with and croupier. Around the table, there are multiple cameras to capture everything live. The images are streamed live from the online casino. As a player, you can digitally join this table. You can now digitally bet your money and a croupier sees on a computer live what you are betting on. He then performs your actions and you can follow this live via the images in the casino.

Meanwhile, you can chat via the chat box with the other players who have joined digitally. This really gives you the experience as if you were in a real casino instead of a computer game. In recent years, these games have become increasingly popular and you can even play complete game shows live. You can bet money on these and have a chance to win mega amounts of money!

Play live Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack

In the live casino, it is especially fun to try out the games listed above. The casino software specialists work hard to make these games as original as possible. One of the best variations of Roulette to play is Lightning Roulette. This variant was created by Evolution Gaming and can only be found in online casinos. This new variant of Roulette is played in a beautiful studio. Here you can bet real money on your favorite numbers. Before the wheel starts spinning, lightning strikes. 5 numbers are selected and are assigned a multiplier.

The multiplier can go up to 500 times your bet. Now the wheel is spinning. Does your number fall? Then you normally win 30 times your stake. But has lightning struck? This can be up to 500 times your stake. This kind of original variation is something you only find in online casinos. This is definitely a must if you ask us about online gambling!

Try out the free online casino software

Do you still have doubts about which games you want to play with real money? We can well imagine this. After all, there is an incredible amount to choose from in the online casino.

Fortunately, you can also test all games for free before wagering real money. This is ideal if you don’t want to bet real money yet. Most casinos offer this option without the need to create an account. You can immediately start testing the games and then deposit real money at the online casino with iDeal. After all, with a real budget, you really have a chance of winning!