Why Are Solar Panels Better Than Electricity Bills?  

Homeowners are always on the lookout for cost-effective ways to improve their property. Installing a solar system is one of the best energy-saving decisions you can make for your home. This post will list a few advantages that a solar system will provide that the public utility electric system cannot.

Pima Solar is a reputable solar equipment supplier and installer that you can rely on to walk you through the various reasons why solar energy is a better alternative to electricity.

Solar Panels Reduce And Stabilize Electricity Bills

The cost of electricity has been on a steady rise, and the trend is expected to continue. Therefore, it is not shocking that one of the primary motivations for homeowners to go solar is to reduce the large sum they pay to the electric company monthly.

Having solar energy also shields you from the variable electricity rates because you will produce most of the electricity consumed in your home.

The amount of savings you can expect after installing a solar system will depend on various factors like your total electricity consumption trends, rates per kilowatt charged by your local electric company, total hours of daily sunlight available, size of your solar system, angle of your roof surface and the cost differential after the purchase of the solar system. After your solar system has paid itself off in savings, you will have a free power production system.

Solar Panels Offer Federal And State Tax Incentives

The federal solar investment tax credit is a tax credit you can claim on federal income taxes for 26% (rate varies annually) of the cost of your solar system, provided that your taxable income is greater than the credit itself.

This means that you get a 26% discount on your solar system because the investment tax credit will allow you to claim more than a quarter of the total cost in your tax returns.

States also offer tax incentives and rebates to encourage homeowners to install solar systems. Some states like New York offer a tax incentive that allows you to claim a certain percentage of the solar system’s cost on your taxes.

Other states like California provide multiple state-administered tax incentives, e.g., the property tax incentives allow the deduction of your solar system’s entire value of your state property taxes!

Solar Panels Offer An Independent And Reliable Power Supply

In extreme weather events or accidents, homeowners who rely on the public utility electricity grid are helpless due to power outages. Installing an off-grid solar system guarantees you a continuous, independent, and reliable power supply. Investing in the best solar energy storage system will ensure that your home is independent of the public utility electric grid.

Solar Panels Increase Property Value

All significant home improvements can significantly improve property value. Installing solar panels in your home has been proven to increase its value by a more substantial margin than a kitchen renovation.

The increase in your property’s value will depend on the size and quality of your solar energy system and variables like local electricity rates. Homes with a durable and efficient solar system sell faster than similar homes without a solar system.

Solar Panels Offer A High Return On Investment

Solar panels are a serious long-term investment, and the initial cost may be discouraging for some homeowners. Your solar system will pay for itself in five to ten years by harnessing the sun’s free energy and reducing your consumption from the public utility electric grid. The exact amount of time it takes to get a return depends on the model you purchased, hours of sunlight available, and the angle of the panels.

Solar Panels Help Conserve The Environment

Every home that relies on the public utility grid powered by nonrenewable or environmentally unsound sources contributes to the global warming crisis. By installing a solar system in your home, you help conserve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Generating your renewable energy source using efficient and long-lasting systems is a great way to help save our planet. Federal, state, and local governments offer many green tax incentives and rebates that encourage homeowners to decrease their reliance on the public utility electric grid.

Buying a solar system for your home is undoubtedly a wise choice. Take your time to choose the best kind of model for your home. Always seek expert help while at it. Consulting an expert will save you unwanted costs and offer you sustainable power solutions tailored to your needs.