Why axe throwing is the activity your team needs

Countless organizations today turn to team-building activities to improve camaraderie among their workers.

These activities are designed to build stronger bonds between the individuals. Conventional team-building activities achieve this goal, but there are new and exciting ways to do so that should be considered.

While axe throwing might not be at the top of the employer’s list of team building ideas, it should be.

Not only does this activity provide stress relief, but it also benefits an employee’s health. The skills developed when learning this activity and engaging in it also benefit both the employee and employer.

Why Axe Throwing?

Axe throwing is an activity many people would not dream of engaging in on their own.

However, when they take part in the activity with co-workers, they find throwing an axe is exhilarating. They can engage in friendly competition with fellow employees, get some stress relief, and have a fun time while doing so.

Each person gets a turn to throw the axe at a wooden target. The goal is to hit the bullseye, much as one tries to do it darts. This activity isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires focus and strategic thinking while demanding precision.

With a little coaching, anyone can throw an axe.

However, doing so well takes more time and effort. The time spent learning to throw an axe is well worth it. When those learning together are co-workers, teamwork strengthens and the relationships between employees do as well.

How Does Axe Throwing Strengthen Bonds?

To be successful at throwing axes, team members must come together as one.

They must cooperate and work as a unit to defeat opponents. As they each take their turn throwing the axe, other team members may cheer them on, share tips on how to improve, and celebrate when the team member succeeds.

This helps to build trust and rapport amongst the team members.

The strengthened relationships lead to better teamwork in the workplace. The participants have a better understanding of each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Employees will also communicate more after spending time throwing axes together.

Improved Communication

Successful teams communicate amongst themselves.

When employees come together to throw axes, they should discuss various strategies. Team members must then provide feedback when using the strategies to decide which they should continue using and which need to be discarded.

Furthermore, team members are there to provide support for one another.

They cheer when a teammate does well and provide encouragement when a teammate falters. Communication skills developed and strengthened during this activity transfer over to the workplace, making it easier for employees to collaborate and solve problems.

Better Health

Axe throwing is good for both a person’s physical and mental health.

Throwing an axe isn’t easy. It provides the body with a workout, unlike many others. A person will find they use muscles they often don’t. In addition, the stress relief a person gets from engaging in this activity benefits their mental health.

These benefits will be seen in areas that extend far beyond the axe-throwing activity, including in the workplace.

Axe throwing isn’t just for fun. Men and women who try their hand at this activity find they develop useful skills when doing so. They learn to handle this tool properly, make adjustments to achieve better results, and more.

The skills help the team succeed while allowing each individual to gain a sense of accomplishment as they personally grow.

Both the employee and employer benefit when this happens.