Why do people wear rings and where did the tradition of wearing rings come from?

We will not reveal a big secret if we say that rings are the most popular accessory today. Rings are worn by people of different ages, denominations, genders, nationalities, and political views.

Rings are a good gift for our beloved ones. Rings are a unique gift that we can give to loved ones as a symbol of our love and deep respect. Rings are not only given to a partner as a symbol of love but also can be given to mothers and grandmothers.

A mother’s ring is a piece of emblematic jewelry accented with either one or several gemstones which represent the children or grandchildren of the woman who is wearing the ring.

Where did the tradition of wearing rings come from?

The first rings, according to historical information, came from the countries of the Ancient East, where they first appeared. Initially, they performed a completely different function, were made of silver, and acted as money.

Wedding rings also appeared in Ancient East, mainly in Egypt. And also there, rings were used to pay for goods. Rings were worn on the left hand. In ancient India and medieval Britain, wedding silver rings were worn on the thumb.

According to Christian legend, Mary’s husband Joseph put a ring on her left hand, on the middle finger.

According to Catholic tradition, wedding rings must be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, and Orthodox Christians wear wedding rings on the right hand, also on the ring finger.

Earlier, before Christianity, along with the ring, the groom used to give his beloved a key, which indicated that now she is the keeper of the hearth and manages her husband’s household.

Now it does not matter what material the wedding rings are made of, but in ancient Greece and ancient Rome, this was given special attention. Iron jewelry was worn only by slaves, silver wedding rings were allowed for freedmen, and gold ones for free people.

Today, everyone has the right to choose jewelry from any metal, with any inserts and engravings.

Why do people wear rings?

People wear rings in all sorts of ways and for many different reasons. While you may think that they’re only doing it for fun, there can be significant reasons behind why they wear a certain style or a specific ring on a particular finger.

These can vary from their relationship status, personality, cultural beliefs, history, and more.

Anxiety ring. This pure silver ring is designed to replace nervous habits and let you feel relief from stress and anxiety. This is a kind of ladies’ spinner ring with a chain of small enamel rings.

Can you wear a ring on a chain?

Jewelry is a popular item among both women and men. Since ancient times, jewelry has been desired, but now almost nothing has changed, the only variety of accessories has expanded quite a lot.

If earlier they were worn only by noble people, today almost everyone can buy them. One of the most popular pieces of jewelry is just a ring made of precious metals. Sometimes you can see people wearing a chain with a ring around their neck.

A chain with a ring around the neck is a fairly common occurrence. But this may surprise some. In fact, the decoration does not carry any symbolism but is worn solely for the purpose of comfort, safety, aesthetics, and personal preferences.

Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, a woman who received an offer to marry could refuse the young man, but keep the ring for herself. The girl continued to wear jewelry not on her finger, but on her neck.

Some couples claim that it is more convenient for them to wear an engagement piece on a chain than on a finger. So the family amulet does not interfere with work, and other daily activities, while always being nearby.

The reasons for wearing wedding rings around the neck are largely related to the comfort of the owner, and the preservation of the jewelry in a satisfactory condition. If necessary, you can wear jewelry on a chain so as not to lose it.