Why do you need a professional SEO audit and site analysis?

Many corporate sites have major and minor problems, but the owners of these websites do not even try to figure out why the site has low traffic or poor conversion. Not all understand why the website does not rank well in search engines.

What needs to be done in order to forget about these problems? How do you make your site more visible to potential customers and increase your site’s position in search engine results?

Search for a SEO blog with a list of tips and lifehacks and try to position your website on your own? Or maybe order a professional SEO audit and site analysis from an experienced specialist who could offer a real SEO plan and strategy for improvement of your site?

The right SEO agency will help you find the right keywords, do competitor research, try out affiliate marketing, and initiate an appropriate content marketing strategy for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most effective tactics for driving traffic to a website. SEO is based on the knowledge of algorithms for ranking websites in the search results and improving the criteria of the site in order to bring it to the top of the search results for the required key phrases.

As a result of high-quality SEO, the site rises in the search engine results, which means that the link to the promoted page receives traffic from visitors, which will be the greater, the higher the position of such a link.

Why is a website audit required?

SEO site audit will help:

  • Significantly improve the situation with the indexing of the site pages.
  • Return top positions in search results.
  • Increase user traffic and increase the attendance of the Internet resource.
  • Perform correct internal website optimization for key queries.
  • Properly manage the budget for the search promotion of your resource

What is included in an SEO site audit?

During the SEO audit, the following works are performed:

  • Technical audit – search for errors and shortcomings of a technical nature and the development of useful recommendations for their elimination.
  • Audit of the internal optimization of the site – analysis of the structure of the site, checking the quality of optimization of Internet pages, analyzing the content of the main pages and the semantic core for effectiveness. Development of recommendations for internal SEO optimization.
  • External site optimization audit – analysis of incoming links and their anchors. Recommendations for external search engine SEO site optimization.
  • Usability audit is an unbiased assessment of the degree of site convenience for its visitors with practical recommendations for increasing conversion and development of the entire site.

Haring the right SEO agency is one of the most important points in today’s business world. Your site will be analyzed according to a variety of important criteria for compliance with the current SEO requirements of search engines.

After completing the SEO analysis of the web resource and making changes, the search ranking of the Internet site in the search results will improve, which will be reflected in increased traffic and increased conversion.