Why Every Kid Needs to Know How to Code

Today´s kids are supposed to be running the world in the future. And, there is no doubt they will have to do it hand by hand with tech resources. The front line for such resources is the ability to code. That is the way that multiple devices can receive instructions to operate according to their desires.

At some point, whether kids like it or not, they will deal with coding. Some of them will be coding, and others will be managing processes where it is necessary to know about it. In any case, they will have to know the principles of it.

However, the path has its challenges, and one of them is the variety of programming languages. Luckily, some of them stand out for their usability and popularity. Among them, Java is by far one of the most popular and widely used. When kids take their first steps to learn how to code, a Java for kids course should be among their first options.

Principles of Java programming language

Java was a revolutionary method to program due to its unique approach to consider objects and their functionalities. With these two principles, the program could achieve the following:

  • Object orientation: coders can create independent objects in websites or apps over and over again with just one template. That saves them a lot of time as it isn´t necessary to start from scratch every time they need to add a product.
  • WORA: this acronym stands for “Write Once, Run Anywhere.” It means that coders only need to program once for all the operative systems such as iOS, Windows, and others. The program offers a special “intermediate translator” called Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that adapts the program to each operating system to make it multiplatform.

Considering those two principles, it is not strange that Java became so popular. And what is even more noticeable is that it will continue running many programs and devices for many years to come.

How to choose the best Java course

Some good news about Java is that it is possible to create a Java for kids course that considers kids ‘special learning needs. Fortunately, at their age, they are like a “knowledge sponge.” Therefore, it is only necessary to keep them interested in the topic to ensure their success. Some of the best features that this type of Java course should offer include the following:

  • Teach the fundamentals of the coding language so kids can get familiar with its principles
  • Teach the lessons using practical exercises that allow them to practice what they learn in theory
  • Use no technical language that allows kids to understand clearly how the coding language works

Is it necessary to have coding experience to learn about Java?

Java courses for kids that teach fundamentals do not require previous experience in coding or with Java itself. That is another feature that makes Java so popular. Many new learners start from scratch at any age and obtain amazing results.

Benefits of learning how to code using Java

  • Java is a very demanded skill in the job market. Hence, it provides tools to obtain many well-paid jobs.
  • It is an excellent window to start learning about many other programming languages
  • Java courses teach computational thinking and other skills that can be used for other situations in life.

Final words

In short, giving every child the possibility to learn how to code opens new and exciting possibilities for them. However, their parents or tutors must guide them and select the best options. The market offers many types of programming languages, and selecting courses like Java can give them a comparative advantage.