Why Have Kubota Excavators Have Become The First Choice For The Construction Industry?

The construction industry is one that is always looking to push the envelope when it comes to modernising equipment and tools. The human body is only capable of so much power, and this industry relies heavily on heavy equipment to get the work done efficiently and effectively. Walking by most construction sites, you will most likely see some model of Kubota excavator being used for one job or another. An excavator is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that a construction company can own and utilise during the construction process.

There are a lot of different brands of heavy equipment in the construction industry, and most of them have different models of excavators that are used depending on the job at hand. So why is it that Kubota has risen to the top in the minds of the people that use them? With all of the competition that is on the market, there must be a reason why professionals choose Kubota over the others time and time again.

To see exactly why Kubota should be your choice the next time you need to buy or hire an excavator, continue reading below.

A Varied Selection

It is always nice to have a machine that is designed almost exactly for the job you are doing. Not every job is going to require the same amount of horsepower or style of machine to get it done properly. Kubota, thankfully, offers a huge line-up of excavators ranging from the ultra-compact models all the way up to mid-sized models. There is a model for just about any job you can think of that requires an excavator. Whether you just need help digging a small garden in your backyard or you are getting the foundation dug for a new apartment building, Kubota will have the right tools for the job.

A Name You Can Trust

There is a lot that can be said about longevity, especially when you are building equipment millions of people rely on to do their jobs every day. Kubota started out in 1922, almost 100 years ago, when its namesake, Gonshiro Kubota, began manufacturing engines for commercial use at his metal shop. This is the beginning of a true legacy, as the name is now synonymous with quality and durability in the construction world. It is always a good feeling to have a company with this many years of success behind your heavy machinery so that you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

A Warranty to Count On

If you are buying your Kubota excavator new from a dealer, you should know that you are getting a great warranty behind your purchase as well. The reason a lot of people buy new machinery like this, instead of used, is so they can be covered if anything happens during the first few years. You are always going to have standard coverage for, at least, the first three years of your purchase. The great thing about Kubota is their option to extend the warranty at the time of purchase to give you even more peace of mind. If this is a piece of equipment you are going to rely on a lot, and want to last, you can extend your warranty up to a period of five years.

Kubota is King

There really is a lot of selection in the construction industry when it comes to tools and equipment. It is a very competitive sector with different brands pushing new innovations every year to try to get on top of the competition. One thing you need to look at is how long these companies have been around, and the name they have behind them. The name Kubota is known everywhere for a reason, and they are remaining on top of the competition for all the right reasons.