Why Having the Best Multi Tool Has Become So Important

The projects you choose and the tools you use for them are so important. Therefore, always keeping a multitude of tools nearby has become a necessary requirement.  Not just this, but this practice of keeping the tools in one’s bag has been a habit that can be traced back to 201-300 A.D. The very earliest known were the tools used for collecting foods, however coming forward several thousand years, most notably during World War II, people started getting acquainted with the multi-tool and it steadily became popular worldwide. In this sense, a multi-tool can be considered a single tool that encompasses a number of individual tools, usually capable of being folded into a small size.

The Swiss Army Knife made by Victorinox has historically been considered the Best Multi Tool amongst the population.  It is quite a misnomer to name it as a knife since it is much more than it. This small palm-sized multi-tool is a very common object carried by soldiers, artisans, etc. from all around the globe.  This tool however has a high price tag and looking at alternatives one can find better value for money and more creative solutions.  Used by designers, engineers, DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesman for literally thousands of uses, let’s have a look at why these multi-tools are so handy for so many people.


What if you come across any loose screw or an unopened drink bottle? In such situations, you do need a multi-tool that can help you deal with the problem in a quick and efficient way. It is because the multi-tool is much more accessible than the toolbox. You will be able to find the required tools that will help you in accomplishing the task. There won’t be any need to take out everything from the box and then keeping it back. Instead, all you can do is take the best multi-tool out and get the job done in a jiffy. Multitools often 15, even 20 tools and thus are suitable for a vast array of jobs.


Multi-tools are incredible as they can provide a range of simple and efficient solutions to our daily life problems. A multi-tool might not be the best thing for complex tasks, however can still help to handle everyday jobs. From tightening or loosening a screw, opening a bottle, cutting something open, hammering a nail, measuring something, opening a tin etc.,so many jobs can be successfully achieved with a multitool.  They truly do adapt to so many circumstances.


A hex tool, bottle opener, file, wire cutter or ruler is not always required for every job, however just in case, it is still better to have them attached to your multi-tool. To date, the multi-tools are the best and most efficient ways to carry various tasks in a portable manner. It is very much possible that you could be up a tall ladder, in a tight spot or underground where access can be restricted so having a multi-tool to hand is a great idea to save time and get the job done in a flash.  Having an efficient multi-tool is a great idea for everyone so you are ready for the unexpected.


Portability is another key aspect to consider.  Multitools are usually less that 20cm in length.  Such a small size gives the tool a massive advantage as it can be stored and carried so much more easily.  They can be carried in a pocket, a small bag, in the car or even sometimes on a keyring.  Contrast that to carrying a hammer, pliers, bottle opener, saw, file, screwdrivers etc., they would certainly be a little harder to organize!


Having the best multi-tool is undoubtedly a comfort for many.  From technical procedures to our daily life chores, they help us with a huge variety of tasks.  Their compact size and thus their portability means that they can be carried with us virtually anywhere ready to spring into action when that unexpected tasks come up.  Due to its affordability, it is a cost-effective way of owning a large number of tools without have to buy each one individually.

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