Why Is Functional Medicine Testing Necessary?

Some health can be easy to understand, and you can treat it yourself. But if you have a broken arm, then it needs to be set and cast. Similarly, fatigue due to lack of sleep requires a proper schedule and taking rest. In these cases, the pain is obvious, and the treatment is easy.

In many cases, it is not easy to pinpoint what went wrong, for example, unexplained hair loss and dry skin, chronic pain, and rashes for many years. In these situations, you must go to a doctor for treatments and medications.

Functional medicine lab tests can pinpoint various diseases and symptoms that the doctors are unable to diagnose. They help you to find the real cause of your symptoms.

What tests do functional medicine lab tests offer?

Doctors of functional medicines use lab tests to have a better understanding of your body. Your body has different roots that show symptoms that are irregular and typical for a particular ailment. It is especially when one source of dysfunction or disease is in contact with the other. The following is the list of tests the doctors may run, and it will give you a clear picture of what is going on inside your body.

Hormone Panel: Hormones play an essential role in your health, but most of the time, we do not notice when balanced. However, the levels of testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen symptoms can become severe. It may lead to weight gain, hair loss, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, or changes in the menstrual cycle. Doctors use blood and saliva tests to see whether any treatment is required.

Stool Analysis: A healthy gut is necessary for your body to be healthy. If your gut ecosystem gets imbalanced, it may show different symptoms. A stool analysis test can have access to the gut function. This test helps those who have weight problems, cardiovascular disease, IBS, diabetes, or autoimmune disease.

Genetic Testing: Genetic testing provides insight into genetic predisposition. Your genetic system makes you more prone to allergies, nutrient imbalances, drug reactions, and other health-related problems. There is nothing you can do on your own about your genetic system. But a medical practitioner may help you become aware of how you can work on your health given the information about your DNA.

Adrenal Stress: If you are experiencing fatigue, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, or irritability, you may have the possibility of cortisol imbalance. It happens due to the dysfunction in the adrenal gland. These release various hormones in your body that create stress for your hormones. If there is any miscommunication of hormones, adrenal fatigue will occur. An adrenal test tracks the cortisol level to measure your adrenal health concerning stress.


Functional medicine lab tests give information about your health. While many other labs fail to diagnose diseases, a functional medicine lab can help you with it. Knowing more about stress reactions, hormone levels, and gut health can help you get a clear picture of your body. These tests will heal the roots and help you to live a healthy and fuller life.