Why Love Island Australia is introducing a tiny, bedside love heart in 2023 – as host Sophie Monk reveals ‘fancy’ changes to the villa

Kirra Schofield, 26, Early Childhood Educator, Perth

Kirra made her television debut on this year’s season of Married At First Sight as Bronte Schofield’s fiery sister.

She made a memorable appearance when she got into a nasty row with Bronte’s ‘husband’ Harrison Boon. 

Tyra Johannes, 23, Accounts, Sunshine Coast

Tyra hails from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and searching for a genuine love connection in the Love Island villa. 

She revealed her abysmal love life includes getting ghosted by a former rugby league player.

Nakia Pires, 21, Store Worker, Adelaide

Nakia is a farm girl at heart, growing up in the rural landscape outside Adelaide for most of her life before moving to the city. 

She said she is turned-off by men who are muscular gym-junkies, and prefers to settle-down with someone who is down-to-earth.

Tia Gregory, 24, Real Estate, Canberra

Tia said she signed up to Love Island Australia to find real love because Canberra’s dating pool is too limited for her. 

She went on to reveal she has been single for five years and is more than ready to mingle with other sexy bachelors. 

Savanah Badger, 26, Law Graduate, Canberra

Savanah has dubbed herself Australia’s version of Legally Blonde after graduating from a six-year law degree with honours. 

She rarely goes anywhere without her chihuahua Mr Cheeto by her side.

Nate Page, 24, Personal Trainer, Sydney

Nate was born in the United States and moved to Australia with his family when he was four-years-old. 

He is now a personal trainer on Sydney’s northern beaches, but often returns to the US to visit his extended family.

Zac Nunns, 25, Student, Melbourne

Zac is a former electrician who is now studying media and communications as he figures out what he wants from life. 

He has travelled around the world and originally comes from New Zealand.

Ben Richardson, 22, Videographer and Content Creator, Sydney

Ben prides himself on being very fashionable and anticipates the other boys in the Villa will want to borrow all his clothes. 

He is Australian-born but has plenty of family back in the Philippines who he wants to impress during his television stint. 

Ollie Lawson, 24, FIFO Mining Electrician, Perth

Ollie comes from a Mormon family in England but left the church to move to Australia. 

Now, he’s looking to live it up in the Villa where he plans to charm his way into new opportunities. 

Trent Woolman, 25, Tower Crane Operator, Melbourne

Trent went to school with last year’s Love Island Australia winner Phoebe Spiller who he confessed to hooking up with in the past. 

He went on to reveal he could have had a promising AFL career if it weren’t for a career-ending back injury he obtained in high school. 

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