Why parents are obsessing over this tiny detail in an old Bluey episode: ‘I’ve shown it to everyone I know’

Bluey fans are obsessing over the ‘tiny details’ that make the show’s Heeler family so ‘relatable’ after viewing a re-surfaced a scene where Bluey and Bingo are sitting in the back seat of the car.

In the clip the two pups are sitting in their car seats with naughty looks on their faces as they prepare to be dropped off at their nannas.

But fans are more focused on the state of the family car than the dialogue, which shows crumbs all over the seat, a crayon on each side of the car and a half empty sticker sheet discarded between the two kids.

The stickers are stuck on the back rest of the middle seat and there is a water bottle dumped near Bingo’s seat. 

A mum posted the screen shot on a popular mum’s group and said it made her feel validated. 

Bluey fans are obsessing over the ‘relatable’ snapshot of the backseat of a family car – covered with stickers and discarded snacks

‘As a mum of 3, ages 1-8, I really appreciate the intention that goes into helping Bandit and Chilli’s home look lived in,’ she wrote.

‘But then I see their backseat looks like ours. One episode I saw dirty laundry strewn about the laundry room, or a plate of leftover blueberries under the sofa,’ she added.

The mum went on to say she feels like the show not only entertains children but benefits their caregivers.

‘It is healing, teaching and affirming parents,’ she said. 

A mum's post praising the show creators for their efforts went viral

A mum’s post praising the show creators for their efforts went viral 

And thousands of parents agreed with more than 40,000 clicking ‘like’ on the post.

‘That back seat made me happy the first time I saw it,’ one mum said. 

‘Seeing the backseat of the car is what made me know I loved this show,’ agreed another.

‘I watch this show with my daughter,’ a third said.

‘It’s the most authentic I’ve ever seen a family portrayed and I love it for that.’

Others said the fact it reaches ‘everyone’ young or old is what makes it so powerful.

‘This show is accurate in so many ways and depicts positive parenting and shows us it’s ok to make mistakes and change our behaviour. It’s the only program of its kind. It gives all families and individuals in those families a voice.’

Many of the parents commenting said they had ‘learned real life lessons’ watching the show.

Others revealed it is the only children’s show they can sit through without being bored.

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