Why Professional Photographers Prefer Karizma Album Software

By Sharon Williams

Creating amazing artwork is relatively easy these days. There is a wide variety of professional software available in the market, out of which Karizma Album Software can be termed as the best. The user-friendly digital tool eases out the entire album creating process in a comprehensive manner.

This album is the first choice of people who have taken up the career of photography professionally. Professional photographers prefer Karizma Album software over others due to multiple reasons. Go on with your reading task to decipher out the reasons.

Multiple Album Backgrounds

The platform is capable of upgrading a simple image into a professional portrait in real-time. Photographers can add background to their images with a particular product. Thus enhancing their efficiency level in a comprehensive manner. All the background templates that are available in this software are in HD format, which also sharpens the image quality and makes it more admirable and adorable at the same time.

Multiple Design Templates

Professional photographers always wish that the images captured by them should be unique and special. Karizma Album software caters to this aspect as it offers multiple design templates for different events like marriage, birthdays, picnics and parties. A uniquely clicked photo can be merged with any of these design templates and it will bring out the magical essence in real-time.

Budget-Friendly Price

A professional photographer will obviously look for features in the first place which are multifold in Karizma Album Software. However, they will also keep a tab on the pricing of the software since a lot of other things also go into clicking a professional photo and all this definitely requires money.

As compared to other album software available in the market, the one from Karizma is competitively priced and is available for only Rs 2500/- which makes it the first choice of professional users.

Cover Selection and Story Board

An album cover is a prerequisite in any professional album. This software has a feature that allows the user to build album cover from multiple templates that are available online here. This not only provides a professional look to the album but also makes it different from other albums available in the market.

Another innovative feature of Karizma that makes it special for professional photographers is the availability of StoryBoard. Here, the photographer can showcase the entire album in a story format accompanied by an efficient pictorial description.

Creation of Titles and availability of photo frames

Karizma also offers a unique feature in a way that professional photographers can create their own titles within the albums. This way they can create a photo collage that can be displayed like a story. Even without saying a word, the photographer will be able to convey the essence of the picture.

There are multiple pre-defined shapes available in this software and you can easily fit in the photos within those shapes, giving a whole new look to the album.  Any professional photographer will definitely want to have these features in their album designing software and Karizma definitely earns an extra brownie point over other software in this case.

Photo Enhancement Features

Any professional photography software is incomplete without photo enhancement features. With Karizma Album Software, you can easily retouch images, change their exposure levels, add multiple filters, and enhance the visibility of the photographs in an efficient manner. Cropping, resizing and rotating the image is also relatively easy with the use of this software and professional photographers admire this particular solution owing to these features.

Simultaneous work on different projects

All professional photographers need to work on multiple projects at the same time. People associated with such professions are multi-tasker and they will surely fall for solutions that allow them to work on different fronts.

Karizma is a unique solution that allows the user to work on several projects at the same time. The best part is professionals can schedule their work based on their priority levels and fulfill the submission deadlines as early as possible.

Image Splitting Option and Auto Layout Designs

Professional photographers are on the lookout for something unique as an eye-catching image will definitely make their work unique. Karizma offers the facility of the creation of beautiful visual effects through its image splitting feature. Many automated layout designs are also available in this software which can be customized further.

Such unique features make Karizma Album software the first choice of professional photographers.  No doubt, you will find many professionals using it. Here’s hoping that the points mentioned within the article are useful and you finally got to understand why Karizma Album Software is preferred by professionals?