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Why Should I See a Doctor After My Slip and Fall Accident?

When most people imagine slip and fall accidents, they tend to underestimate the potential impacts of this type of accident on an individual’s life. It’s presumed to be a simple slip on a wet surface, with no lasting outcome besides a bit of bruising or pain. Yet, slip and fall incidents span a wide range of hazardous circumstances, which lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), fractures, and more. Beyond this, to avoid your injuries from getting any worse than they already are, there are several essential reasons to visit your doctor immediately following your slip and fall accident.

Getting Medically Evaluated After Your Trip and Fall Incident

Whenever you experience an accident, you must prioritize your health above everything else. Of course, you will still need to gather evidence from the area in which you fell (i.e., photos, videos, an accident report). However, once this step is done, you must visit a hospital. Many people do not believe they are hurt after an accident because they do not yet feel the pain, yet, far too few victims realize that injuries can take several days to manifest symptoms.

For example, concussions are not always apparent right away. You may not feel the effects of this type of TBI; however, your doctor may be able to clue you into early warning signs. They can also warn you of what behaviors to avoid in the coming days so that you do not accidentally worsen your condition. Additional reasons why you should be treated immediately after a slip and fall accident include:

  • You plan to file a claim. When filing a legal claim against the owner of the property where you fell, you will need ample documentation that reflects the details of the event, as well as your physical condition in the aftermath. Your hospital visit summary and the accompanying bills are critical to forming a strong case against the negligent property owner.
  • Insurers may require medical documentation. Waiting too long to see a doctor after your slip and fall can be quite risky concerning your compensation eligibility. If an insurance company sees that you waited multiple days after the accident to seek treatment, they (and the defendant) will argue that your injuries were not caused by the fall. This doubt will then form the foundation of the denial of your insurance claim, leaving you with the sole responsibility of paying for your medical treatment.

What to Do After Seeking Medical Treatment

In addition to your medical documentation, you will also need substantial evidence to illustrate the property owner’s liability in your accident clearly. One specific type of evidence that can strengthen your case is an expert testimony. Expert testimonies are those given by professionals, including scientific and technical practitioners.

To further improve your chances of winning compensation, it is highly suggested that you invite your doctor to give an expert testimony during trial. For this, you would need a lawyer. An experienced slip and fall lawyer will ensure that you get all the necessary documentation to secure the compensation you need to fund your recovery, including expert testimonies, accident reports, and more. Get in touch with a slip and fall lawyer today to get your case started.


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