Why Travel Bloggers should choose Agoda Affiliate Program to earn commission?


Every so often, the pressure of work and deadlines becomes too much, and we need a break from the monotony of the same routine. Whether you’re just someone looking for a break from the everyday or a family man planning out a fun vacation for the summer, the internet is your best friend when it comes to giving you the answers you need. This is where travel bloggers come to your aid. Instead of simply buying into whatever advertisements and glorified websites have to offer, we tend to trust something more personal, with more of a human element. When a blogger speaks from experience, we believe them.

When it comes to travel, people scour the internet for the best deals, the best hotels to stay in, and how to make the most of their trip when they leave for unfamiliar land in hopes for a fantastic vacation. Here, the most vital role is that of the travel blogger, who not only helps people decide where they should go if they want to take some time off, but you, as a blogger, can go one step further.

Your expertise is what brings the eager traveler to your blog, but you can do more than offer them what you think are the best places to visit and the most fun activities to do. Agoda.com offers an affiliate program like no other, that not only helps you earn more but also helps streamline the process of finding a place to stay.

The Agoda affiliate program will help you make an earning by helping travelers choose a destination from over 37 countries in the world. Agoda.com is becoming an increasingly popular name when it comes to hotel booking platforms. What makes them unique is not only their user-friendly interface but their variety of options when it comes to finding a place to stay. Ranging from hotel rooms that fit your budget to apartments and places that offer accommodation for over thirty days.


Agoda.com spans Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. As a blogger, the Agoda affiliate program makes it easy for you to earn by offering you ads that are completely customizable, allowing you to offer deals in a manner that fits the profile of your blog without feeling too much like an obvious plug. You can add search boxes to your site that are linked to Agoda.com’s database and create ads that depict the places and accommodations you choose. Customers that will book accommodation through your blog and your links will help you earn a percentage of the commission.

Agoda.com makes it incredibly easy for travel bloggers to register for the Agoda affiliate program. All you need is your email address and apply for the program through the affiliate website. The process is simple and uncomplicated, rewarding you with an official “Agoda Partner” badge that you can display on your website.

Once you are an Agoda Partner, your partner ID will be added to the end of any Agoda URL that you share, this will help Agoda pay you directly.


As a travel blogger, you can offer more than just advice. As a part of the Agoda affiliate program, you can earn through a variety of different ads. They can be text links that connect customers to particular hotels through the use of hyperlinks. When you advertise a particular hotel through the hyperlink, Agoda shows similar options that pop up once the customer clicks on the link, further broadening the possibility of a confirmed booking through your affiliate link.

You can also share a link to agoda.com through an image link, capturing the customer’s attention through the visual aid of the image of a hotel or resort available in Agoda’s hotel files.

Banners are another useful tool when it comes to earning in an affiliate program. They offer the quickest and easier way to catch attention and ensure links, whoever visits your page will not be linked to a particular hotel through the banner, but instead will feature an overview of the website and upon clicking, will link to Agoda’s home page.

Amongst the variety of ad types offered by Agoda to their affiliates, another is the search box. When added to a travel blogger’s site, and features in the sidebar or footer, customers can type exact locations that pique their interest or look up a certain hotel by its name. These will be linked to Agoda’s website and can be added to sections of blogposts where accommodations are being discussed.


The Agoda affiliate program has a 4% commission rate, however, this commission is only confirmed on completed bookings. The commission rate depends upon the number of sales you make, guaranteeing a 4% on every individual sale. Agoda.com can offer their affiliates up to 7% of commissions if they can complete 1000 bookings over a 30-day period.

The 4% commission rate is only when you start out when you are making less than 50 bookings per month, but as their traffic and quantity increases, Agoda’s generous affiliate program ensures you earn your effort’s worth by giving their partners up to the promised 7% of commissions.

Although this may seem a bit challenging, Agoda has added a bonus feature of gift cards for departed bookings. Affiliates can get a $10 reward card as a result of their efforts.


For travel bloggers, the Agoda.com affiliate program is not only ideal but also lucrative. Successful bookings made through affiliate links can ensure up to $100 per sale. They provide higher commissions depending on the number of sales you complete, making your partnership with them of higher value.

Although there is no “per-click” commission rate when it comes to Agoda.com, the amount you make per completed booking more than makes up for any loss one might fear to have.

Agoda.com started off as a place that would offer travelers accommodation in a foreign land, however, they have expanded to include more than just hotels, featuring private stays as well as monthly accommodation, and their latest feature, which enables customers to search for and book flights from over 200 airlines worldwide through their website, also adds to why Agoda.com is becoming a global leader in online travel.

Despite all this, one might still find themselves apprehensive about joining the Agoda.com affiliate program and becoming an Agoda Partner. Maybe as someone new to the market, you feel like you’re not tech-savvy enough to monetize your traffic, or maybe with a global pandemic still strong in its second year, you worry it’s not the best time to get into something like this just yet.

However, the Agoda affiliate program has your back here too, with no heavy demands as per the number of bookings you make, it relieves some of the pressure, and through the promotion of their longer stays for families, you can even advertise the domestic travel and stays that are available even during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing all travelers with a solution, and all travel bloggers with a means to keep earning in times like these.

As for the less tech-savvy blogging crowd, Agoda offers easy integration through their promotional tools that are not only easy to incorporate but will also have you operational and earning within minutes. In terms of accommodating you, the web application, as well as Agoda’s promos, come in up to 38 languages, ensuring you don’t lose out on bookings just because of a language barrier.

One of the best affiliate networks to register for the Agoda Affiliate Program is Indoleads.com where the publisher management team is always ready to help and make the process of becoming an Agoda Partner a smooth, seamless process. With all the data and support you need at your fingertips and transparency when it comes to your commissions, Agoda.com’s affiliate program is the leading program in the market for travel bloggers.