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Why use a Windows keylogger to monitor employees?

Windows keylogger is a software that is also known as keyboard spy. Its purpose is to record the keystrokes that an employee makes on his or her work computer while they are carrying out their regular responsibilities.

How does the Windows Keylogger work?

After the Windows keylogger has been installed, it will keep a log of every keystroke that is used in any application that is run on the workstation. It will monitor a wide variety of activities, including Microsoft Office, the internet, email, chat, and more.

In addition to displaying recorded keystrokes in real time, the software also generates an interactive report that is exhaustively comprehensive.

This allows for monitoring personnel and examining department activity.

What can keyloggers do?

Keyloggers record the keystrokes that employees type in their programs on their workstations.

A keylogger can monitor the following activities:

  • Emails (Google mails, Outlook, Yahoo mails, etc.)
  • Text and chatting (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Signal, Telegram, Messenger, etc.)
  • Social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Office software (Microsoft Office, Excel, One Note, etc.)
  • Employee monitoring software also captures the screen recording of employees’ workstations.
  • Keylogger provides a comprehensive report on the amount of stress that was applied to each keystroke during working hours.

Why use keylogger software?

There are many reasons why it is beneficial for your company to use keyloggers.

It prevents the leaking of sensitive data. You will be able to identify members that are a potential risk to your business.

As well as determine whether or not any of your employees are disclosing any confidential data or sensitive information about the company to competitors, allowing you to take steps to protect your business from suffering financial losses.

Additionally, it regulates the dissemination of sensitive information. You will be able to see precisely how data is being utilized, which will allow you to assess whether or not the data protection policy of your company needs to be strengthened.

To evaluate the productivity of workers and to investigate instances of insufficient productivity.

Keylogger exclusive advantages

A keylogger for Windows is an essential and unique software for employee monitoring and activity tracking.

It’s software that comes with a comprehensive range of strong functions, some of which include video recording, tampering controls, online monitoring, and employee productivity and evaluation while they are on the job.

You will be able to see all of the real-time information of the keystrokes that your employee is making.

The Windows keylogger can show you each and every activity that your staff members are engaged in. The study of all sorts of occurrences is made much less complicated by this integrated display.

You will be able to observe which software or websites they are using the most frequently thanks to the video recording ability. This function will also show you what was occurring on the screen, which will shed light on why they take so long to do basic and simple activities.


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