Why You Need To Hire An Expert For Your Construction Project

There are Construction recruitment agencies that help people to solve the issue of construction. The plan of these recruitment agencies is to smooth out the job-seeking and hiring measure by going about as a delegate among employers and possible employees. Agencies can help fill roles from site agents to project managers.

Construction companies work with agencies to attempt to source the right candidates for the positions they have available. The agency keeps a database of expected applicants thus, in the primary case, will counsel this to attempt to identify matching candidates for the role. They will for the most part additionally promote the role online so that any job-searcher can find and apply for it, whether or not they are right now on the agency’s database. The agency at that point sends the organization probably the best-matching candidates and orchestrates interviews. They can likewise help the applicant in tailoring their CV to the role, offering meeting guidance, and arranging salary and different conditions.

Agencies are for the most part paid by the organization offering the position, typically a set fee due when a role is effectively filled. This is typically founded on a percentage of the salary agreed. Job applicants are for the most part not needed to pay a fee.  An advantage of using a recruitment agency is that they can lessen the admin workload for companies seeking to fill job roles, they can choose from a wide pool of possible candidates, and they can use their expertise to find the best matching candidates. Utilizing an agency can be an advantage for job-searchers in that they may cause them to notice roles that meet their requirements and skills, and can give supportive advice and direction when managing the employer.

Therefore, if you are living in Brisbane and probably you have been looking for a construction recruitment agency that will understand your business so well? If yes, you are definitely reading the right article. It doesn’t matter if you are recruiting for small or large construction projects around Australia or New Zealand, I present to you the overwhelming team at Linked Industries. This company is specialized in construction recruitment and they have been in the business for about 20 years which made them a pro in finding you the right candidate for your projects irrespective of the size.

Reason to choose Linked Industries Construction Recruitment Agency

  1. They match the ideal candidate for your project quickly and accurately because of their extensive database of construction industry professionals.
  2. They are experienced in fit-outs, new builds, large-scale building projects, demolitions, and many more.
  3. They are experienced and knowledgeable about the construction industry which allows them to assure you of an honest, professional, and realistic approach to your recruitment experience.
  4. They carefully find your ideal candidate for you and immediately get to work finding you the right person for the project either for a temporary, permanent or contract role.
  5. This company never messes their customers around with their no BS policy. Their clients are treated with utmost respect and they understand how crucial it is to create a synergy of win/win results for them and their clients.

Other Services you could get from Linked Industries

They are also a top-notch professional in providing specialist Workplace Health and Safety (WHS/OHS) services all around Australia. The workplace health and safety problem is solved with this company because they have highly experienced WHS consultants  who provide tailored cost-effective solutions to your workplace Health and Safety. This services includes:

  • WHS Policies and WHS Procedures
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Contractor Safety Management
  • Site Safety Plans and Project WHS Management Plans
  • Plant and Equipment Safety
  • Accident / Incident / Near Miss Investigations
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) / Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s)
  • WHS Audits and Workplace Inspections
  • WHS Risk Assessments, Ergonomic Assessments and Manual Handling Assessments
  • Employee and Contractor Safety Performance