Why You Should Consider Getting a Data Only Plan in Singapore

Getting a data-only plan in Singapore is not just a matter of personal preference in terms of carriers. Each carrier has its policies and pricing for data plans which translates into major differences between them. What you get from one carrier may not be available with another carrier. A good place to start is to understand exactly what it is that you are looking for and what you are getting from each data-only plan.

What Kind of User Are You?

You first need to understand your habits when it comes to how you use your smartphone. The services that you primarily use are split between voice, SMS, and data. Usage trends have changed over the years and now, data is the main type of traffic that is being handled by mobile networks.

Certainly, you have noticed that you are using less and less talk time or classic voice services. SMS messaging has been replaced by social apps that require an internet connection.

The conclusion to be drawn is that data traffic is the most important service for you as a user and for mobile operators. You are more likely to feel comfortable with a data only plan in Singapore than with a base plan that has little data traffic and a lot of talk time and SMS.

How Much Data Traffic Do You Need?

Now that we have established why a data-only plan in Singapore makes sense, it is important to determine just how much traffic you need every single month. Depending on how you use your smartphone, you may need more or less. For example, video streaming can eat up a lot of data traffic. Playing games or browsing social media takes less data but if you do a bit of everything, you may discover that you are using anywhere between 20 to 80 GB per month.

With your current plan, it may feel at times that you do not have enough data traffic included. If you are always anxious about your data usage and you constantly run out of data month after month, that is a clear sign that you need more. Your current subscription is not in line with your needs as a customer and internet user.

Switching to Data Only

A solution would be to switch to a data-only plan. These plans include considerably more traffic but no voice and SMS traffic. The upside is that you pay less because you are getting only one service. A data-only plan in Singapore can save you money on your mobile subscription bill. A data-only plan is the cheapest way of getting unlimited data. Plans that have talk time, SMS, and unlimited data are much more expensive.

One thing to keep in mind is that you may still be able to receive voice calls and SMS texts. Each operator has its policy when it comes to data-only plans. You will need to read the fine print of each data only plan in Singapore for all the plans that you are interested in.