Why your Business Needs Chat API

More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of building powerful communication features with Chat API.

A chat API is a piece of software (known as an application program interface) that connects an application to a cloud-based communication platform offering chat services.

Chat API allows you to add real-time communication features to any app or website.  It means that you don’t have to pay a developer to build instant messaging or video calling from scratch.

Instead, you can use a chat API and/or chat SDK (a software development kit that includes APIs and more) offered by a third party to build dynamic communication apps in no time at all. In the following, we explore in more detail the benefits of a Chat API.

Why do I need a Chat API?

Chat API enables a host of real-time communication features that are fast becoming indispensable to many businesses.

One-on-one chat messaging, video chat, multi-participant video conferencing, push notifications, and file-sharing are some of the main features you can integrate into your application when you rely on chat API.

Customers today expect real-time communication when they interact with a business. In fact not having these functions available on your company website or app, can put your business at a disadvantage.

What are the Benefits of Chat API?

A growing number of businesses are integrating real-time communication features into their apps so that they can easily communicate with their customers, as well as improve internal communication among work colleagues.

Let’s look more closely at some of the benefits you gain from real-time chat messaging via chat API.

Real-time communication means responsive customer care

When you make use of a chat API you connect your customers instantly to customer support. Recent statistics tell us that 41% of consumers prefer live chat support to any other form of communication, as it means they get quicker responses to queries.

Real-time chat makes customer service more personal. Easy and immediate communication straight on their smartphone with a representative from your business, builds customer trust in your brand.

Real-time communication creates greater efficiency within the workplace

Corporate businesses are increasingly using messenger apps to facilitate communication and information sharing between their employees. Chat apps foster greater team collaboration and streamline business processes, enhancing performance and efficiency.

The ability for real-time communication is especially important as a greater number of employees are working remotely than ever before.

According to recent statistics, roughly 18% of the global population work remotely on a full-time basis, and this number continues to expand. Consequently, digital communication can keep employees connected no matter where they are located.

Remote real-time communications cut down costs and waste

There are many business processes that previously required in-person contact. Job interviews for candidates, financial consultations with banking customers, and in-surgery doctor appointments are just a few examples.

Providing real-time remote communication however removes this need, thereby cutting down costs and time.

These interactions can take place remotely over secure communication platforms, furthermore, chat histories can be archived and video chats recorded for convenience.

The nuisance of no-shows for appointments is becoming less of an issue with these new teleconsultation and instant chat capabilities.

Chat APIs can also include a Video Chat API

In addition to basic chat messaging, using a chat API to add real-time communication to your app also opens up the possibility for video communication. Visual communication comes with a whole array of additional advantages.

In business meetings, it’s helpful to be able to see the face of your manager, colleague, or customer.

Facial expressions and body language reveal much about someone’s mindset and mood. By reading visual cues you can adapt your approach which in turn can help you to complete a collaborative task, reassure a customer, or close a deal.

Customers often find video communication to be very helpful and reassuring. Seeing the face of a doctor you are about to undergo a medical procedure with, or a seller you are doing business with can build connection and trust.

The ability for eye contact and put a face to a name (or chat) can personalize the experience, building confidence in your brand.

Finding the Right Chat API

So now that you have a clearer idea of what a chat API is and how your business can benefit, you need to find the right chat API for your use case.  You’ll need to look around and do your research as there are a lot of options out there.

Here are some pointers to help you find the right one:

Does the Chat API have all the features you need?

Do you need 1-on-1 chat or group chat as well? Is instant messaging enough or are you planning video chat as well? Chat APIs offered by different providers can vary greatly, so make sure you have a clear list of your needs that you tick off as you check out your options.

How important is security?

Depending on whether your business operates under certain regulatory requirements you might have some real concerns about security. Again Chat API providers offer different levels of security,  from very little, at all to end-to-end encryption. Take your time to make sure they have what you need.

Pricing Models

Of course, you will need to pay for the services of any Chat API provider. Most offer a monthly subscription model.

While many have a set monthly fee, others offer per-minute charging.  Work out roughly how much traffic you expect each month and then calculate the most effective plan for your business.

Real-time communication is a must for any modern-day business. If you don’t have this already embedded in your business app or website then you need to start investing in this now.

Chat API is a quick, convenient, ready solution that you can use to build a new communication app, or integrate into an existing app.  Find the right Chat API today and join the digital transformation!