Wieambilla shooting: Madelyn Train received bizarre text during siege with police

For 27 years, evil cop killers Gareth, Stacey and Nathaniel Train criss-crossed Queensland as they worked at various schools around the state, often overlapping and apparently living with each other in a bizarre love triangle until they died in a hail of bullets on Monday at their fortified rural property


Teenagers Nathaniel and Stacey Train are married in a ceremony conducted by the brother’s Baptist Church pastor father Ronald in Toowoomba

FEBRUARY 10, 1997

Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey and parents Ronald and Gwenyth plus other family members buy a home at 21 John St in Cambooya near Toowoomba in Queensland’s Darling Downs for $89,000


Stacey leaves Nathaniel for Gareth


Father Ronald says he stopped speaking to Nathaniel

AUGUST 5 2004

The Cambooya home is re-sold to the brothers’ parents Gwenyth and Ronald, and three other family members for $15,000, which appears to be buying out Gareth and Stacey. There is no mention of Nathaniel as a vendor even though he was listed as an original buyer with rest of family. The sale is listed as ‘estranged family members’.


Nathaniel is working at Bentley College in Cairns in far north Queensland


Gareth and Stacey are registered as living with Nathaniel at 54 Barnard Drive, Mt Sheridan, in south Cairns. Neighbours don’t recall them.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

The three of them buy a four-bedroom house on four hectares of land at 34 River Road, in Millstream, 120km south of Cairns, for $107,000. Neighbours remember them as ‘nasty, aggressive paranoid people’ who installed CCTV, floodlights and barbed wire at the property

JANUARY 13 2009

The three of them sold the Millstream home for $235,000. The three of them give a fictitious address next to Proston State School in Queensland’s South Burnett region as their home


Stacey is principal at Proston State School. Gareth is the school groundsman


Stacey is principal of Quinalow P-10 State School in the Darling Downs region


Nathaniel is principal at Innisfail East State School, south of Cairns in far north Queensland


Gareth and Stacy work at Camooweal State School in Queensland’s north-west, close to the border with the Northern Territory. Locals are shocked by the couple’s behaviour. Gareth butchered pigs next to the school oval and hung their carcasses in full view of children while Stacey is said to have punished students who complained about bullying, according to the ABC. Gareth is also said to have assaulted students who swore and was seen dragging his wife by the hair into their home.


Their children are students at a state school in north-west Queensland which Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to name.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Gareth and Stacey buy 44hectares of coal fracking land for $50,000 at 219 Cypress Road in Kumbarilla in Queensland’s South Burnett region, close to the Western Downs


Stacey is a deputy principal at Happy Valley State School in Mt Isa in north-west Queensland. Her principal pays tribute to her in an end of year address: ‘It has been inspiring to work with you…you have brought wonderful expertise and vision to our school.’


Gareth and Stacey are registered as living at 61 Abel Smith Parade Sunset, but probably the State School Home at 2 Hinkler Crescent, Mt Isa. Gareth is groundsman at Mt Isa State Special School on July 22, 2014

FEBRUARY 5, 2015

Gareth and Stacey buy the remote rural property at 251 Wains Road, Wieambilla in Queensland’s Western Downs for $95,000 – which they would fortify to ambush police, and where they would ultimately die in the ensuing shootout 


Their son is lauded at a glittering awards ceremony for the ‘highest achievement by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Student in Queensland’ for his outstanding work throughout his school career. He has been staying north-west Queensland attending the local state school while his parents worked elsewhere in the state


Gareth and Stacey work at Indigenous Pormpuraaw State School, on Queensland’s Cape York on the Gulf of Carpenteria coastline. 

MARCH 2016

Gareth Train quits Education Queensland amid complaints from locals about the couple’s behaviour


Nathaniel appointed principal at Yorkeys Knob State School near Cairns. He is believed to be living at a nearby address in Keerawa Beach, possibly education department-owned property

JUNE 24, 2016

Stacey Train appointed Acting Principal for remote Mitchell State School in Maranoa Region, 600km west of Brisbane. The school welcomes her as ‘an experienced school leader in both Deputy & Principal positions within the DDSW, North West Qld & Far North Qld over the past 7 years. Our school community welcomes Stacey and entrusts the care of our school in her highly capable hands for the term.’


Stacey is head of curriculum and teachers aid at Tara Shire State College, 170km west of Toowoomba.

MARCH 2020

Nathaniel quits Yorkeys Knob State School, moves into a Teacher Housing Authority home in Walgett and starts job as executive Principal at Walgett State School NSW


Gareth and Stacey sell the land at Kumbarilla for $62,000


Nathaniel suffers heart attack at his desk at Walgett State School, goes on sick leave, refuses mandatory Covid vaccination


Gareth makes increasingly bizarre and paranoid posts online about conspiracy theories  


Stacey Train quits Education Queensland, refuses mandatory Covid vaccination 

DECEMBER 16, 2021

Nathaniel is seen for the last time in Dubbo

MARCH 2022

Nathaniel sends 16 emails in a fortnight to education chiefs about a cheating row at his school. He is sacked after being absent from work for seven months

MAY 2022

Nathaniel’s cheating row is raised in NSW Parliament budget estimates by One Nation’s NSW leader Mark Latham

JULY 2022

Mr Latham last hears from Nathaniel

OCTOBER 9, 2022

Nathaniel contacts his estranged partner for the last time

DECEMBER 4, 2022

NSW Police are alerted to Nathaniel’s disappearance

DECEMBER 8, 2022

NSW Police make a public appeal for help to find Nathaniel

DECEMBER 12, 2022

Queensland Police make a routine visit to Gareth and Stacey Train’s home in Wieambilla to follow up on Nathaniel’s disappearance

Constables Rachel McCrow, 29, and Matthew Arnold, 26, are executed in the ambush by the Trains and innocent neighbour Alan Dare, 58, is killed in the crossfire

Gareth 47, Stacey, 45, and Nathaniel Train, 46, are all shot dead in a fatal firefight with Queensland Police Special Emergency Response Team

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