Wild moment Kmart worker confronts alleged thieves with trolley full of goods in Adelaide

Footage has captured the moment a courageous Kmart worker ran out of the store to confront two alleged thieves.

The video showed the frustrated retail employee approach two alleged shoplifters in the carpark of Munno Para shopping centre, in north Adelaide, South Australia.

The trolley appeared to be filled with shoeboxes, homewares, kitchen appliances and clothing.

The pair of alleged shoplifters were seen in the video standing at the boot of their car when they were approached by the Kmart worker.

‘You can tell everyone that comes and steals: Enough’s enough!’ she said to the pair.

The alleged shoplifters were about to load their boot when the Kmart worker approached them

One of the alleged thieves closed the boot of the car before he begrudgingly pushed the trolley towards the worker.

Both alleged thieves casually got into the back seats of their car following the confrontation.

It is unknown if any charges have been brought against the pair, 7News reported.

Australian Retail Association CEO Paul Zahra told Daily Mail shoplifting has increased this year. 

‘Retailers are already battling rising operating costs associated with labour, fuel, energy, supply chains, rent and loans,’ he said.

Mr Zahra said shoplifting is costing retailers more than $9billion per year, but believes the number may be higher due to a large amount of thefts not being reported.

After one of the alleged thieves pushed the trolley to the retail worker, he and his companion got into the back seats of their car.

‘We are also seeing an increase in organised crime. Organised crime is professional shoplifting, involving two or more people who conspire to steal retail merchandise with the intention of reselling the items at a profit,’ he said.

Retail shoplifting can also have a negative impact upon workers, Mr Zahra added. 

‘Retail theft is not victimless. One in four cases of retail theft also involves abusive or threatening behaviour towards frontline workers,’ he said.

Many new measures have been introduced by retailers, such as artificial intelligence and high-tech cameras at self-service checkouts, and gates that will not open if sensors believe a person has not paid for goods.

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