Wild moment Melbourne tram passenger erupts at commuter for not tapping on before boarding

A commuter has captured a heated interaction on a busy tram during which a young woman was berated for not touching on her travel card. 

In a video posted to Instagram on Sunday, a fed-up older woman was seen approaching a younger female passenger on a tram in Melbourne. 

‘You got on the tram without a swipe card,’ the woman said. 

‘It’s not free.’ 

In Melbourne, passengers must be in possession of a valid myki card to travel on public transport.

The young woman sat quietly dressed in a black puffer jacket with the hood pulled over her head. 

‘I don’t have one,’ the younger woman replied. 

The older woman, who said her name was Mary, then asked the young passenger how she was able to use public transport without a valid card. 

‘So how do you get on the public transport system? We’re supposed to support it’, she said.

‘It’s not free’. 

Mary then blasted the young commuter for seemingly having money to spend on luxuries while not having a myki pass. 

‘You can get your glasses, you can get your nails done, you can get a brand new mobile, but you can’t afford to get a bloody myki card,’ she said. 

The young woman, getting frustrated, then replied: ‘You’re not my mother’. 

‘Who are you? You don’t have to tell me what to do,’ she said. 

Mary (right) lectures a younger female passenger (left) for not having a valid myki card while travelling on a Melbourne tram 

The older woman claimed her name was Mary, to which the passenger replied: ‘Ok good for you, Mary’. 

Mary then appeared to get angrier and threatened the unsuspecting passenger. 

‘Don’t f****** ignore me b****, swipe your card’ she said, before she sat back down on a seat. 

The tram then stopped to let passengers on and off and the person filming the tense exchange exited the tram. 

The video attracted mixed reactions on social media. 

Some were in full support of Mary, agreeing that the younger passenger should have had a valid ticket to travel.  

‘She’s not wrong. iPhone in hand, nails done, pay for the tram eh,’ one comment read. 

Another said Mary was ‘right’ to call the young woman out. 

‘People who don’t tap on are the reason public transport prices have to increase. Same as those who steal groceries, they rise our prices to make up for it,’ they said. 

‘Mary is a legend!’ a third claimed.

‘If you’re going to expect to use a service, then expect to pay for it!’

According to Public Transport Victoria, if a person doesn't have a valid ticket when travelling, they may be fined (stock image pictured)

According to Public Transport Victoria, if a person doesn’t have a valid ticket when travelling, they may be fined (stock image pictured) 

Others believed Mary had taken things too far and that the system should be criticised over individual travellers.  

‘Tax dollars pay for public transportation so it should be free,’ one said, 

While another denounced ‘Boomers’ for always being ‘happy punching down’.

‘Mind your business. You have no idea that persons situation,’ another warned. 

When travelling on public transport in Victoria, a passenger must touch on at the beginning of a journey, for example when boarding a tram, train or bus.

Passengers then have to show that they have finished their trip at the end by touching off. 

According to Public Transport Victoria, if a person doesn’t have a valid ticket when travelling, they may be fined. 

To travel with a valid ticket, a passenger needs to pay the correct fare and carry any concession entitlement. 

If someone fails to have a valid ticket when travelling on public transport, or doesn’t show their ticket upon request, they may have committed an offence.

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