Wild moment Woolworths customer hurls metal scooter at worker’s head during horrifying supermarket attack

  • Thug hurls scooter at Woolworths worker 
  • Man also kicks and punches staff member 
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Footage has captured the wild moment an outraged Woolworths customer hurled a scooter at a worker in a horrifying attack. 

The scooter was seen in the video being thrown by a hooded thug after he was told to leave one of the supermarkets.

The object collected the young employee in the head leaving him bent over in agony. 

The incident is just one of several that has been recorded at supermarkets  as retail staff come under siege from abusive customers in the lead-up to Christmas.

A young Woolworths staffer doubles over in pain after being struck by a hurled metal scooter (pictured on the floor)

In another clip a man vaulted behind the sales counter before viciously punching and kicking a worker curled up in a corner.

A third video showed the moment an irate customer threw a grocery item directly at the head of another worker following a confrontation.

The spiralling violence against staff has led Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci to invest in better CCTV coverage and to instigate more staff training in how to handle aggressive customers.

In other reported attacks a Woolworths worker had a car door slammed on his head in a carpark while another staff member copped abuse and then had a coke can thrown at his head because he couldn’t withdraw more than $200 from the register. 

Mr Banducci said there has been a 50 per cent increase in violent and abusive incidents across Australian Big W, Woolworths and Metro stores since July 1 compared to the same period last year.

This amounts to 2,000 incidents, which averages to 420 per month.

Alarmingly there have been even incidents involving weapons.

‘In the past fortnight, we have had team members punched, spat on, and other recent incidents include threats with a range of weapons from baseball bats, iron bars to knives,’ Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci told the Daily Telegraph.

‘We are also seeing aggression and violence against our home delivery drivers with one driver recently pulled from his truck at gunpoint.’

Mr Banducci said aggressive and violent acts towards his staff had risen noticeably since the Covid pandemic.

This has led to a security upgrade across stores with $40million being spent of more comprehensive CCTV. 

Staff will also be getting increased face-to-face resilience and de-escalation training, as well as virtual reality training for common aggressive situations.

A Woolworths customer hurls a grocery item at a staff member's head following an confrontation

A Woolworths customer hurls a grocery item at a staff member’s head following an confrontation

Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association NSW Secretary Bernie Smith labelled abuse and violence being directed at retail workers as a ‘epidemic’  

‘There have been stabbings, axe attacks and bashings in major retail outlets,’ he said.

Big W store manager Rohan Dennis, who works at the Eastgardens shopping mall in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, said the aggressive behaviour from customers was the ‘worst he had ever seen’ and was ramping up heading into Christmas.

‘Our team members are simply doing their job and following their process, but unfortunately some of the time this is met with aggression, abuse with vulgar language, and sometimes threats to be destructive in store,’ he said.

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