Will Cats Get The Best Benefit From CBD Oil For Anxiety?

Cats tend to get especially anxious in various scenarios, mostly induced by stress or tension. Often if a cat feels threatened, they take a defensive approach preparing to protect themselves from harm. This kind of mindset stays with them being often triggered in even the tamest of situations. It can prove detrimental to a cat’s overall wellness and quality of life.

A growing number of feline parents are becoming interested in cannabidiol (CBD oil) products for the purported properties benefiting anxiety symptoms. The substance touts as safe and nontoxic for kitties when used following directives. Claims suggest the advantages for this species exceed helping with agitation extending to managing inflammation and episodes of chronic pain.

See this for the benefits of CBD for this furry friend.

Cats Triggered Into Anxious Episodes

A skittish cat can range in the level of tension they suffer. Some can handle certain life circumstances calmly with little effect, while others are intolerant of even the slightest change to the comfort zone. Among the most common triggers for a feline is moving homes or being alone.

Being taken out of what has become comfortable, familiar surroundings in favor of a new, strange place causes the animal to experience nervousness. This is actually true for any animal of any species. But it’s especially true for our feline friends. And if you decide to go ahead and leave the pet alone in this new space immediately, you will likely see resultant behavior due to their level of stress.

Determining Anxiety With Your Pet

It’s essential to understand your pet’s personality in order to learn when there is a level of stress being experienced. If your kitty doesn’t typically hide in off-the-wall spots, so she can’t be found but is now doing so, she likely has a panic attack due to some sort of change that makes her feel threatened in some way.

But then some cats are more visible and vocal about their frustration with bouts of continuous meowing. Others lash out with aggressive behavior, and then there are those that become lethargic merely lying around. One surefire sign that your pet is upset is if she is needy because cats are extraordinarily independent.

Any behavior changes that occur, albeit without any physical signs of an ailment, could be an indication of stress and anxiety.

Mental Disorder Similar To That Of Humans

Like most mental disorders, anxiety is a psychological condition that has yet to be understood but notes of being an excess of excitation within the brain for which the cause is not clear cut. Claims suggest that elevated levels of a specific neurotransmitter known to produce a calming effect over the brain helps. The neurotransmitter is called GABBA or gamma-Aminobutyric acid.

Cannabidiol works within the system to increase GABA’s prominence, ultimately increasing serotonin levels, which in turn decreases anxiety. CBD helps the receptors in the brain bind with the GABA neurotransmitters to create a balance in the brain, so there is no longer an excess of excitation.

GABA is a critical neurotransmitter for a feline also, and they too have serotonin and endocannabinoid systems as all mammals do. So, while research on this specific species is minimal, a correlation can be made between species based on the comparable physicalities.

Because of the similarities and anecdotal studies indicating the substance as a success for cats, it can be deduced that the compound would be useful for episodes of anxiety with cats as humans.

Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) For Felines

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) has grown tremendously with products manufactured specially for animals of different species. It’s essential to follow those guidelines and not share human products with your pets, especially with your cat. The doses in a person’s product are too high for a kitty’s system.

Employing the best CBD oil for cats into the regular regimen deems ideal for pet parents as finding suitable solutions for treating cats can be challenging. Most over-the-counter and prescriptions prove too harsh for their sensitive systems leaving them to endure symptoms with no relief.

There have been no known reported incidents of cats having any ill effects from consuming CBD products, only positive results (anecdotally) thus far.

The priority when buying CBD products for your pet is to ensure that you do adequate research before you purchase so that you can make educated decisions about the best quality suppliers and what to look for in the items as far as the ingredients.

There should always be lab testing by a third party with a Certificate of Analysis to prove the results. These should indicate that the substance is pure with no contaminants or added ingredients. Only CBD oil following these standards will be good enough for a furry friend.

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Final Thought

A vet is a pet’s best friend. When your cat shows signs of behavior changes or a personality difference, it is in her best interest to have a visit with the doctor. There may be no visible physical impairments, but you can never be sure if something is happening internally.

A lot of times, vets will try to incorporate medications for anxieties or other mental disorders. Still, pet parents are learning to work hand-in-hand with their vet practices, inquiring about the use of CBD as an alternative to the harsh pharmaceuticals that most cats can’t tolerate.

It’s a conversation that you need to initiate as the parent. Vets can’t legally recommend the products just yet, but many holistic vets are on board with what has been evidenced from the compound so far and the anecdotal results.

If you’re considering adopting a cat, first do a little research into the personalities to see if the species is genuinely a fit for you. These lovely creatures need a person who understands their insecurities and is willing to work with them rather than incite them.

That means you may need to gradually introduce changes to a feline’s life in baby steps. If your life conflicts with a pet who feels anxious or threatened in differing circumstances, you may need to get a fish.