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William Tyrrell: Police find ‘mystery item’ in Kendall search

BREAKING NEWS: Police find ‘mystery item’ in William Tyrrell search with detectives comparing it with a sample of a Spiderman cloth

  • Police have found a mystery item at the William Tyrrell dig site 
  • Detectives, forensics experts gathered excitedly around spot on the ground
  • Detective compared a red and blue Spiderman suit cloth against ground

Police have found what appears to be piece of material at the William Tyrrell dig site, with officers comparing it to a sample of red and blue Spiderman suit cloth.

Just after 2pm on Wednesday unformed officers, detectives and forensic experts gathered excitedly around a spot in the cleared earth area along Batar Creek Road, Kendall.

NSW Police Detective Mark Duke pulled a sample of Spiderman suit cloth from his pocket along with images of the missing three-year-old in the suit he was last seen in.

Mr Duke then compared with it with an object unearthed in the ground.

Police have been scouring the ground in Kendall, NSW since Monday after a major breakthrough in the case

Police placed forensic number eight on the ground next to whatever they had uncovered and then used a brush to clear further earth from the surface. 

Four detectives and seven police grouped round the potential find as a female officer brought out a small blue tarpaulin to cover the area. 

Police then painstakingly dug by hand around the root of a plant, cautiously removing evidence.

The item found appeared to be a disintegrated piece of threaded material.

After 30 minutes, police began patting forensic expert Professor Jon Olley with congratulatory taps on his shoulder.