Wisely Well: ‘I can’t thank Wisely Well enough for the care and peace of mind they provide’

Caring for an elderly relative or loved one can create many conflicting emotions.

These emotions are perfectly valid, normal, and allowed.

Wisley Well has been created to ensure that your loved one can eat healthily and often, supporting you whilst also allowing your elderly relative to retain their valued independence. 

Our ready meals are delivered straight to their door, and with prices starting at just £3.20 per day, they won’t break the bank.

As well as being incredibly tasty, our meals are easy, convenient, and can be enjoyed in just 2-3 minutes, straight from the microwave. 

The range of meals caters to every taste giving you flexibility in meal planning, saving you and your loved one time and energy.

I can’t thank Wisely Well enough for the care and peace of mind they provide

We recognise the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, particularly for individuals requiring additional care, and how challenging this can be. 

Many of our meals are high in protein which plays a vital role in muscle recovery and bone maintenance. 

Our goal is not only to support the increase in the later years of life but also, more importantly, to support the increase in quality of these years.

Wisely Well meals have provided peace of mind to hundreds of families throughout the UK and the feedback has been incredible. 

One buyer said: ‘Quickest meals, even better than most supermarket brands and delivered so quickly, it gives me peace of mind to know that my 92-year-old dad is eating regularly and there is no waste!’

At Wisely Well, we offer practical support and peace of mind to all of our customers and we hope that our dedicated service will prove to be a valuable asset to the lives of you and your loved ones.

Click here to order by 15th May 2024 and receive a 14-day subscription for only £45 (RRP £60) – that’s only £3.20 per day! 

Shop online at wiselywell.co.uk and use code WELL25 to claim this limited-time offer. 

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