Woman furious after husband joked ‘guess who’ when her brother was killed in a motorcycle acciden

Woman furious after her husband joked ‘guess who died’ when her brother was killed in a motorbike accident – and now he’s mad because she didn’t invite him to the funeral

  • A woman has been left furious after her husband made her ‘guess who died’
  • She said he had been told about her 21-year-old brother’s bike accident first
  • Now he is mad because she went to the funeral alone and wont speak to him

A woman has been left furious after her husband asked her to ‘guess who’ when breaking the news of the death of her 21-year-old brother.  

The woman banned her husband from attending the funeral and has refused to go home to see him for three weeks. 

He’s now angry with her for excluding him, but many people believe she hasn’t gone far enough and should consider divorce. 

Man slammed after joking ‘guess who’ when telling his wife someone in her family had been killed in an accident (Stock image)

The woman said her sister had initially called to break the devastating news but her phone was on charge so she hadn’t seen it.

She was checking her phone when her husband called and answered immediately. 

‘He told me he received the news of a family members death from my sister… then he said “guess who!”,’ she wrote in a Reddit thread.


Who is in the wrong?

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  • The wife! 0 votes
  • Both! 3 votes

‘I angrily told him to stop it and tell me but he still thought it’s fine to ask me to guess. That’s when I lost it on him because my nerves were done. I yelled at him then hung up.’

She then phoned her sister who revealed their youngest brother had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  

‘I drove to my hometown six hours away by myself and my husband was mad after he found out I didn’t wait for him to take him with me,’ she said.

The woman said she felt like her husband had played with her emotions, but asked her fellow Redditors for their opinions after fearing she might be in the wrong.

‘He wanted to come but I said I’d have kicked out if he showed up which got him p***ed yelling that I had no right to rob him if saying goodbye to his favourite brother-in-law. 

‘He said my anger was misplaced and I was taking it out on him for no reason other than being the “bearer of the bad news” and that nobody wants to be that person but he tried to be as nice as he could about it.’

But everyone appeared to be on the woman’s side – labelling his actions as cruel and manipulative.

‘So you have to process in your mind the potential deaths of all your family members until you guess the right one?’ one woman asked.

‘That’s horrific! Anything you had to do to protect yourself after that was understandable,’ she continued.

‘He made you mourn your whole family all at once, that’s unforgiveable,’ said another. 

The man was upset because he wasn't invited to the funeral and his wife won't speak to him

The man was upset because he wasn’t invited to the funeral and his wife won’t speak to him

The woman went on to explain a list of family members had spun through her mind including her mum, nieces and elderly aunt.

‘Your husband is possibly the cruellest person I’ve read about on here,’ one person said.

Others said the woman should describe him as her ex-husband instead.

‘It was so sadistic that she shouldn’t stick around for more. There are some things that are deal breakers and this was one of them,’ said one. 

‘I don’t just think OP is justified in excluding him from the funeral, I think she’d be justified in excluding him from the rest of her life, if she so chose. He’s amazingly calloused toward her if he could do that to her,’ added another.

The post quickly went viral with thousands of people having their say.

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