Woman is physically sick after eating ‘slushy’ raw KFC

  • Heather Summers popped into her local KFC to pick up some popcorn chicken
  • After eating six pieces of the chicken she noticed ‘something was strange’
  • She had a large piece which ‘tasted slushy’ before realising it was ‘raw chicken’
  • She forced herself to vomit after eating the chicken, and has complained to KFC
  • Ms Summers had to ask for a refund, and was offered a tour of the KFC store 

A woman has slammed her local KFC after she bit into allegedly ‘slushy’ raw popcorn chicken and immediately forced herself to vomit.

Perth resident Heather Summers popped into KFC in Butler and picked up a snack-sized popcorn chicken and two snack sliders on Tuesday afternoon.

Ms Summers took her dinner home and sat down to watch TV with the blinds closed in a dark room.

Heather Summers said she bought uncooked ‘slushy’ chicken from a KFC store in Perth

She had six pieces of popcorn chicken before she noticed ‘something strange’.

‘It tasted really funny after I had a really big bit. It tasted slushy,’ she said.

She then turned the light on to discover ‘pure raw chicken’. 

Disgusted, Ms Summers forced herself to throw up.

After going back to the store to complain, Ms Summer was offered more chicken.

‘They said ‘do you want another one?’, and I said ‘no I don’t want another one’.

‘They didn’t offer me a refund, I had to ask for one.’ 

She said KFC head office only got in touch with her once the story went to the media.

Ms Summers scoffed at their offer to make amends.

‘They asked me if I wanted a tour of the KFC store in Butler. I said ‘are you having a laugh?’.’ 

Ms Summers bought two sliders, a mini popcorn chicken and a krusher from KFC on Tuesday

Ms Summers bought two sliders, a mini popcorn chicken and a krusher from KFC on Tuesday

 A KFC spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia they were investigating the incident. 

‘KFC Australia’s number one priority is the health and safety of our customers and employees,’ they said.

‘Serving great food, to the highest safety standards, is paramount. We have contacted the customer and are in the process of investigating the incident at our Butler restaurant.

‘We are committed to ensuring our food preparation processes – from hygiene through to cooking procedures – meet and exceed Australian requirements and we expect every restaurant to comply with these standards.’

Ms Summers said she had sent KFC a sample of the chicken to be tested.


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