Woman leaves a banana locked in her office drawer for nine weeks

Banana-drama! Moment locked-down worker returns to office to open desk drawer… after remembering she left a piece of fruit inside nine weeks ago

  • An office worker in Glasgow entered lockdown having left a banana at work
  • The owner had hidden the fruit a drawer under her desk for safe keeping
  • However, after being locked down, the fruit decomposed and shrank in size
  • In a follow up tweet, the banana’s owner, known as @mlcoolj2 said: ‘It’s deed’  

This is the moment a woman in Glasgow returned to her office for the first time in nine weeks having left behind a banana in her desk drawer. 

The woman, known by her Twitter handle @mlcoolj2, slowly pulled back the door underneath her desk to reveal a badly decomposed banana. 

The yellow outer skin of the banana had turned black and the fruit had shrunk as it began to break down. 

The banana

The office worker returned to her desk to discover a banana which had been left on the day before the lockdown 

The banana had decomposed dramatically over the course of the past nine weeks

The banana had decomposed dramatically over the course of the past nine weeks 

Fortunately for the office worker, the decaying fruit inside the banana was still sealed inside its skin and had not yet oozed out.  

The office worker admitted the banana had spent the past nine weeks locked in the drawer. 

She later wrote: ‘Safe to say it’s deed.’

One friend remarked that the fruit could still be used for banana bread.  

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