Woman reveals she discovered her boyfriend was already married and had children

A woman has revealed how she turned detective and found out that a man she’d spent a weekend with, who had been stringing her along by text, turned out to be a married father-of-two  

Posting on Mamamia, Evangeline Grace, who is believed to be from the US, told how she had met Damon outside a nightclub on a Friday night and after spending the weekend together, he was calling her his girlfriend by the Sunday. 

But after that she didn’t see him again for two months, during which he ignored her calls or texted her sporadically, claiming to be busy. 

When he finally turned up at her apartment two months later, he claimed his father had died, but she became suspicious when she saw a call from ‘Dad’ on his cell phone. 

Next day, she followed him home from his workplace and saw his daughter run out to greet him, while his wife stood in the doorway with a baby.  

However, commenters weren’t entirely sympathetic, with many questioning why she put so much energy into something that was little more than a weekend-long fling.   

US blogger Evangeline revealed she once spent months in a relationship with a man who hid the fact he was a married father-of-two. Pictured, stock image

Evangeline revealed that she met Damon on a Friday night, and they spent a a passionate weekend together where they alternated between having sex and watching films, and he cooked for her while she washed his clothes.

‘By Sunday, he was calling me his girlfriend, and the title made my chest swell with pride.’ 

But on Monday morning, he was reluctant to make plans for her to come to his place that evening, and seemed hesitant to share information about where he worked.

So while Damon was in the bathroom, Evangeline seized the opportunity to go through his wallet, where she found a business card that had different information about his workplace to what he had disclosed.

She penned: ‘Maybe these are old business cards,’ I told myself. ‘Maybe the information on them is out of date.’ 

He left with a promise to call her soon, but he dropped off the radar and would only text her once a week to say he was busy and that he missed her. 

Evangeline (pictured) discovered where Damon was working by taking a business card out of his wallet

Evangeline (pictured) discovered where Damon was working by taking a business card out of his wallet 

Evangeline added that she spent the next two months filled with doubts and obsessively waiting for Damon to call.  

A few days after New Year, the blogger was shocked to find Damon on her doorstep, where he explained he had distanced himself because he had been grieving the death of his father. 

Evangeline continued: ‘Later, we were having dinner inside when Damon’s phone buzzed. He shielded the screen with one hand, but not before I glimpsed the caller was a contact saved as ‘Dad.”  

She went on to say she pleaded with a red-faced Damon for answers about the call from his supposedly dead father, but he chose to leave without giving an explanation – before blocking her number. 

Armed with the business card from their first night together, Evangeline headed to Damon’s workplace and waited for him to leave the building.

She secretly followed him to his home where she soon discovered that he had a wife and at least two children – which she says gave her some sort of closure. 

Commeneters were not entirely supportive with some claiming that Evangeline's actions were 'creepy' because she had only spent a short time with Damon

Commeneters were not entirely supportive with some claiming that Evangeline’s actions were ‘creepy’ because she had only spent a short time with Damon 

The blogger, who has almost 2,000 followers on Medium, admitted her handling of the situation was ‘questionable’. 

But she said she would have struggled to let the relationship go if she had believed there was an innocent explanation for Damon’s behaviour.

She wrote: ‘After seeing Damon’s family with my own eyes, I was able to put all hope of a relationship with him to rest.’

However, she received a backlash in the comments on Mamamia and Medium, where her account was also published. 

‘You wait outside his work and home and effectivel invade his family’s privacy. That’s pretty creepy actually,’ one wrote. 

Another said they would have understood if it had been further along in the relatonship, but couldn’t fathome her actions after ‘two months of being strung along’. 

A third wrote: ‘Wait, so a couple of days after what was basically a one (two) night stand, you were spying?’ 

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