Woman reveals the very creepy message she got from a man who wanted to be her ‘live in maid’

A young woman has revealed the ‘creepiest’ message she was sent from a potential flat mate after listing her spare bedroom online.

The woman, who posted anonymously on Reddit, shared the text which asked if she was looking for a submissive man to move in.

In the text the man explained he would love to be the woman’s ‘maid boy’, clean the house, cook all the meals and even give her foot rubs when she gets home from work.

‘I’ll pay rent and share bills, I just love to be submissive,’ he said.

A young woman has revealed the ‘creepiest’ message she was sent from a potential flat mate after listing her spare bedroom online

The woman admitted she was so put off by the text that she didn’t reply, but dozens of women claimed they’d take the offer up in a heartbeat – on one condition.

‘Not all of us agreeing that we would lowkey accept this b**tard. As long it doesn’t lead to us having s*x, we are Gucci,’ one woman laughed.

‘Yep, 100 percent I would take him home immediately as long as there was no sexual element to it,’ said another.

‘Yeah just put a good lock on your bedroom door and also lock him in his room when you want to like. This is the dream,’ a third added.

Even the OP could see the benefits – despite choosing to ignore the message.

‘If people in the real world weren’t weird I would have thought I’d have found the best roommate ever,’ she said. 

Others, who have heard of the ‘maid boys’ sub culture claimed ‘servitude’ was likely enough for the man.

‘He’s just a service sub. This is a real thing. There are just maid boys that do this in exchange for nothing at all,’ one woman said.

 Others jokingly asked for the OP to pass his details on.

‘Can I have him if you don’t want him,’ one woman laughed.

‘Switch the foot rubs out for back massages and you’d have a deal,’ said another.

Others shared similar stories in the thread.

‘This same thing happened to a friend of mine when she was searching for roommates while studying abroad in Germany,’ one woman said.

‘I once met a man on Tinder who wanted to come to my door on his hands and knees, with money in his mouth, and beg me to do chores,’ said another. 

The OP said she might reconsider if she had her time again.

‘Considering the housemate I went with, I definitely read them wrong and made a bad choice, I kinda wish I’d gone with this offer,’ she said.    

Her listing was up in May, 2022. She found a woman to move in with her instead adding ‘she was a slob and I ended up being her maid.’ 

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