Woman sees the ‘ghost of her dog’ outside her window in Canada

A dog owner is convinced that she saw the ghost of her great dane in her living room curtains just weeks after he passed away.

Michelle Creighton, 44, has struggled to come to terms with the loss of her six-year-old dog, Oakley, after he passed away in April.

However she believes her late pooch wasn’t far away, as she saw his ‘ghost’ on the living room curtains one evening.

Despite the sight being eerie to some, Michelle found great comfort in seeing her dog on the curtains and believes that it proves his presence is still with her.

Michelle, from Manitoba, Canada, said: “When I first saw the shadow I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I just started at it.

Michelle Creighton, of Manitoba, Canada, believes she snapped the ghost of her dog outside her living room window

Michelle, 44, struggled to come to terms with the death of six-year-old Oakley in April

Michelle, 44, struggled to come to terms with the death of six-year-old Oakley in April

“But then it clicked and I couldn’t believe how much it looked like my great dane, Oakley.

“I quickly took some photographs because I didn’t think anyone would believe me!

“I even got up and opened the curtains, and the shape changed and I could no longer see the shape of my dog – I got immediate goose bumps!”

Despite her initial shock, Michelle explains that the sighting has brought her comfort since – as she believes it shows her dog is always around her.

She added: “The sighting made me feel at ease and I decided to take it as a sign of him being ok and that he’s where he’s supposed to be – at home with me.

Oakley in happier times. Michelle said she hasn’t stopped smiling since seeing his ‘ghost’ 

“I haven’t stopped smiling since and nothing beats that feeling – I believe their energy is still here.

“When Oakley passed away I was in complete shock and I cried for days because everything reminded me of him and my house was never the same again.

“He is buried in the back garden, so he is always with us, and I will always welcome sightings like this one as it means I know he’s there.’ 

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