Woman slammed for complaining about getting roses for Valentine’s Day when she asked for cake

‘Spoilt’ wife sparks heated debate after complaining about her husband buying her roses as a gift: ‘I wanted a cake’

  • A woman was gifted roses for Valentine’s Day
  • She slammed her husband for not buying her cake
  • Her complaint divided opinions online 

A woman has been slammed for complaining that her husband bought a rose bouquet for Valentine’s Day instead of a ‘decadent dessert’ like she wanted. 

The wife is a self-described ‘sweet tooth’ and said her husband usually buys her cakes and sweets on Valentine’s Day.

However this year he opted for roses and was upset when the mum accidentally them killed in less than a week. 

She shared her predicament online asking if she should feel bad for neglecting the roses when she wanted a cake instead prompting a wave of divided responses.

Some people thought the woman should be grateful for any gift but others jumped to her defence. 

What I got: Her husband bought a bunch of roses at the last minute and became upset when she let them die a week later

What I asked for vs what I got: A mum has divided opinions after she complained about the bouquet of roses her husband bought her for Valentine’s Day when she wanted cake instead

‘My love language is food. I have a sweet tooth and my husband has bought me all kinds of delicious desserts in the past. This year I told him all I wanted was a decadent dessert and a nice card,’ she wrote in a post to Facebook. 

‘He got me roses. They are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not a flowers person. I’m not good at keeping flowers alive. And now he is upset they are already dead. Should I feel bad?’ 

Many said the woman should be thankful for the ‘nice gesture’. 

‘It’s the thought that counts,’ one commenter wrote.

‘I wouldn’t be upset with any gift someone gave me even if it was something I didn’t like. Humble yourself because you don’t know what can happen between now and the next holiday, you might cherish this moment more than you thought,’ a second added. 


Who is in the wrong?

  • The husband 1 votes
  • The wife 15 votes

‘The roses probably lasted longer than a decadent desert though….just saying,’ a third pointed out and another asked: ‘Why cant you just buy the desert yourself and maybe buy him one too?’

Others argued the woman’s husband was a ‘terrible listener’ who didn’t consider what his wife would really want as a gift and said he shouldn’t be mad the flowers died. 

‘Why would he get you something you don’t like? That’s more of a ‘well I gave you something’ gift instead of a thoughtful one,’ someone said.  

‘No it’s not your fault. They died, that’s what happens when you cut flowers,’ another pointed out to which the mum replied: ‘I already have two kids to take care of, I’m not trying to keep a plant alive too’. 

Another user suggested the woman ask her husband why he didn’t listen to her request and she explained: ‘He said he ran out of time so just ran into the florist. I’m like, you could have run into the grocery store and got a cake in the same amount of time’.

She clarified she was ‘not upset’ by the flowers and thanked her husband for the bouquet saying they were ‘beautiful’. 

‘Him making me feel like I wasted his money by letting them die is what my post was about. Trust me, my husband and I are good, this didn’t break us,’ she said.

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