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Woman smashes a bottle and showers carriage with glass during a confrontation on a London Tube train

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Shocking moment woman smashes a bottle and showers carriage with glass during a confrontation between revellers on a London Tube train

  • Female passenger was recorded arguing while on the Central Line this morning 
  • As tube pulls into Chancery Lane she smashes wine bottle against hand rail 
  • Friends have to hold her back as she shouts at men now standing on platform

This is the shocking moment a female thug smashes a wine bottle during a row on a London Underground train.

The woman, aged in her early 20s, was involved in an angry confrontation with a group of men on the Central line service in the early hours of today.

While the Tube is waiting at Chancery Lane she grabs a bottle from a friend and smashes it against the hand rail before threatening the males with it.

The woman smashes the wine bottle against the hand rail as the tube stops at Chancery Lane

She then has to be restrained by her friends after the carriage was showered in glass.

The group of men step onto the platform as the woman continues to shout at them.

After a few seconds one of the men gets back onto the tube and shouts back at the woman causing other members of the two groups to stand in between them and try to stop the insults flying.

The drama appears to have started after an altercation at the far end of the carriage, where the women are standing.

At the beginning of the video two of the men are seen standing with the women as the discussion becomes heated.

One of the men waves his hands in the air and steps towards the women as one of the women, wearing a black coat, holds onto a rail and shouts into his face.

A drink is then thrown over the men, however it is unclear in the clip who threw it.

The footage was filmed by a 49-year-old passenger who had enjoyed Boxing Day at a friend’s house near Mile End, London.

 The men and women argue at the far end of the carriage (left and right) before a drink appears to be thrown causing the men and passengers sitting down to move

The commuter, who wishes to remain anonymous, recalls how glass ‘covered’ the train carriage.

He said: ‘It escalated very quickly. There was a lot of pushing, shoving and shouting.

‘I think a drink had been thrown over one of the guys and the girl grabbed the bottle.

‘She smashes it against the handrail and glass shattered everywhere. The whole bottle was sent flying.

‘It was an absolutely insane thing to do. It could have been incredibly dangerous.’

At the time of the incident the train was occupied by several passengers, who decided to move away from the two groups as the situation escalated.

The women shout as the men step off the Tube (left) and one of the women (right) grabs the wine bottle from her friend before smashing it

The angry woman smashes the wine bottle against the hand rail as a friend tries to stop her

The man who filmed the clip began to start filming when the two groups of four to five woman and men, aged in the late teens or early 20s, began to start arguing.

He says he is unsure what sparked the heated bust-up, which he describes as ‘out of order’.

‘Luckily there were not young or vulnerable people on the train’, said the commuter, who was travelling between the Holborn and Mile End tube stations.

He added: ‘The people who were sat close by had to move because it did get very loud and aggressive.

The group of women shout out of the carriage doors towards the men who have gotten off

‘It got quite threatening and I could see that it was kicking off. Both groups were as bad as each other.

‘It was a violent situation. Someone could have been seriously hurt. Glass could have gone in someone’s eye.

‘It’s disgusting how something like that can happen on public transport.’

The commuter adds how he stopped filming and ‘ran off’ the tube when the groups spotted him filming the bust-up.


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