Woman with a great golf swing left stunned when someone tries to mansplain how to hit a ball – and you won’t believe what she does for a living

  • A professional woman golfer was mansplained by a stranger 
  • Georgia Ball was enjoying a quiet practice session at her driving range 
  • A stranger advised her on her golf swing 

A golf clip has gone viral after a man corrected a women’s golf swing while she was practising at a driving range in the United Kingdom.

Goergia Ball, a professional golfer and coach, was enjoying a quiet hit earlier this week when a man provided undesired advice.

After she struck a ball, the man – who claimed to have played golf for over two decades – said ‘excuse me’, before lecturing her on how she wasn’t using the correct technique.

The act of a man condescendingly telling a woman how to do something is known as ‘mansplaining’. 

The stranger explained that Ball was swinging too slowly and that, in his view, it was impacting her game.  

‘What you are doing there … you shouldn’t be doing that,’ he professed. 

She was practising a new golf swing

Professional golfer Georgia Ball was advised on her technique by a stranger

A slightly bemused Ball informed him that she was working on a new technique, but he interrupted again and stressed that he knew best.

He explained that he had played golf for over 20 years, insisting that she must work on her follow-through. 

Ball, ignoring the man’s advice, swung her next drive perfectly down the middle, but the stranger believed that his interruption was therefore vindicated. 

‘See how much better that was?’ he said, taking credit. 

She once again reiterated that she was going through a swing change, adding that the best players in the world often go slower when making an adjustment. 

But the man disagreed and again laid out his credentials as a golfer of over 20 years to dismiss Ball’s point of view. 

Ball has over 170,000 followers, all of whom were shocked by her experience, but praised her for her classy response to the stranger. 

Ball boasts over 170,000 followers on Instagram and coaches amateur golfers

Ball boasts over 170,000 followers on Instagram and coaches amateur golfers

‘You are a better person than 99% of people on instagram being so calm in this situation,’ said one fan.

Another added: ‘I thought you were so patient & polite with him… I don’t know how you did it ?!’ 

A third golfer replied: ‘“See how much better that was” even though you didn’t change anything, amazing’. 

‘That was painful to watch,’ said a fourth follower. 

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