Women give me dirty looks when I wear thong bikinis – are they jealous?

Influencer divides opinion after calling out other women for giving her dirty looks when she wears thong bikinis in public

A woman has divided opinion online after calling out strangers for giving her ‘dirty looks’ when she wears thong bikinis in public.

Gianna Marie, from O’ahu, Hawaii, took to TikTok to reveal that women aren’t very accepting of her barely-there beach style.

She added that as a native Hawaiian, ‘cheeky’ thong bikinis are the ‘norm’ and her ‘staple piece.’

The popular influencer and actress is no stranger to controversy because she regularly shares her candid views on life, from relationship advice to style trends.

While lip-synching the lyrics to Megan Moroney’s ‘I’m Not Pretty’, she sings: ‘Girl let me guess, you don’t like how I dress and you’re hatin’ on the way I talk.’ 

Gianna Marie, from Hawaii, shared her views regarding the backlash she’s received from wearing ‘cheeky’ thong bikinis

The picturesque model and actress is also a popular influencer, with her TikTok page racking up 4.1 million likes

The picturesque model and actress is also a popular influencer, with her TikTok page racking up 4.1 million likes

She then highlights the unfavorable feedback she receives when wearing the beach gear, writing: ‘When Hawaii girls go to a mainland beach and are getting dirty looks from other women because cheeky thong bikinis aren’t a norm like how it is here.’

The clip has been viewed over 15,000 times, with people rushing to the comments section to share their personal take on beach etiquette.

One person felt where Gianna was coming from, adding: ‘At this point, the normal ones look like diapers.’

Another person replied with an anecdote, writing: ‘I remember all my bathing suits since I was like three or four were cheeky and that was the norm and when we went to Disneyland I was six in a cheeky bottom.

‘And some lady walked up to my parents and started berating them for allowing me to look like a “child prostitute”. Mainlanders are weird as f**k bro.’

Gianna's post has divided opinions, with many jumping to the TikToker's defense

Gianna’s post has divided opinions, with many jumping to the TikToker’s defense

Someone else said: ‘Thong bikinis are way more flattering, if they want to hate let them.’

Meanwhile, someone said it was ‘degrading’: ‘It makes me want to die it’s so degrading.’

And another said: ‘This but living in Florida and I go home to Michigan and they’re like what the f**k are you wearing?’

The news comes as another influencer recently claimed she was was told to leave a beach because her ‘bikini was too small.’

Annie Knight, 26, from Australia, who claims to be in the top 0.4 per cent of creators on OnlyFans, says she was spending a Saturday at the beach when an ‘old wrinkly’ woman approached her and told her to leave.

The influencer says the woman was ‘clearly just jealous of her’ and that she should be able to wear what she likes.

She hit back saying ‘no one should care’ if she wears skimpy clothes because ‘she’s hot.’ 

The former marketing manager started her OnlyFans in September 2020, in a bid to save money to buy a house but had never expected it to become so lucrative so quickly.

Within a month Annabelle made thousands, and continued to use it for the next 18 months as a side project to her full-time job, averaging $1,794-a-month.

She now makes around $969 a day sharing saucy photos of herself online.

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