Women’s style trends for autumn 2020

A few scorching days aside, summer 2020 has been a bit of a no-show, but that leaves us free to look forward to a new season of knits and layers. Get ahead of the curve by reading on to discover which wardrobe essentials you can’t afford to be without as autumn approaches.

  1. Bag bright business wear

Phase Eight reviews on Feefo reveal that the brand is no stranger to a bold pop of colour, and come autumn you shouldn’t be either, especially in a work setting. Forget the understated elegance of navy and charcoal and start reaching for more daring hues including pumpkin, scarlet and turquoise. Great for taking you from office to bar or restaurant, you can take things up an extra notch with statement heels, too.

  1. Commit to camel

If you really can’t tear yourself away from a neutral fashion palette, you can still stay on trend by giving it your full commitment. All-over camel colours take precision to get right, with subtle variance needed to bring in a multi-tonal finish, but the impact is incredible. You can play with shapes to create a more exciting silhouette as well, with sleek pencil skirts and oversized chunky knits being perfect together.

  1. Faux leather in all weather

The trench coat is back for another autumn fashion takeover, this time in brown PU. A timeless jacket style that can be easily dressed up or down, this ultimate throw-on looks great with jeans and dresses alike, especially in a warm tan or deep chocolate shade. It’s handy for wetter days as well, so there’s an element of practicality added in for good measure.

  1. Be a little blue

When you need to brighten up a neutral ensemble in autumn 2020, there is one colour that seems to be the new favourite: blue. Not just any blue, but a powdery, almost Air Force blue that has a magical ability to look phenomenal on every skin tone. From phone cases to handbags and even overcoats, this is a colour you don’t want to pass up, so make sure you invest in at least one go-to item.

  1. Not quite mellow yellow

Looking for that hero clothing item for autumn 2020? Then grab yourself a bright yellow maxi coat. The brighter the better, so step away from the muted dark mustard and pick up a vibrant primrose instead and take the hem all the way to your ankle while you’re at it! An incredible partner for otherwise neutral ensembles and tonally appropriate to work with the blue of the season, you’ll never feel unhappy when you’re wearing sunshine all through the cooler months.

  1. Tuck and go

We all remember the skinny jeans and flat riding boots look of a few autumns ago (when comfort was everything), and now we have wide-leg trousers tucked into calf boots. Creating a billowy silhouette that exudes casual cool and takes into account the still popular boiler-suit aesthetic, this is one for all of you who like a practical edge to your wardrobe choices.

  1. Tiger over leopard

Animal print is a neutral, that’s come to be an accepted fashion truth but this autumn is all about just one – tiger. Paired with the must-have hoop earrings and chain necklace look, you can keep everything on the classy side by going all-out with one iconic tiger item, such as a midaxi dress or cashmere jumper, then keeping everything else a little plainer.

The weather might be getting duller, but your clothes don’t have to this autumn. The question is, which of these trends are you most excited to embrace? Only you can decide!