Woolworths launches new fairy bread hot cross buns across Australia

Woolworths is now selling fairy bread hot cross buns and the limited edition flavour has already been a huge hit.

Nostalgic foodies were delighted to discover the new buy, with thousands of the baked goods flying off supermarket shelves since Boxing Day.

The hot cross buns ($5 for a four-pack) are decorated with pink icing and come with a packet of 100s and 1000s to apply youself.

‘This is my favourite flavour yet,’ a shopper revealed on TikTok. ‘I’m obsessed with it. I need to go back and buy more.’

‘Not only are these delicious but they look so pretty,’ another said. ‘I love the pink and the burst of colour from the funfetti.’

Woolworths is now selling Fairy Bread hot cross buns – a limited edition flavour that has sent Australians into a spin

Many shoppers gave the hot cross buns a glowing review.

‘Woolies popped off with these,’ one said. ‘I believe in Fairy Bread supremacy, so this is a ten out of ten.’

‘I added some Biscoff instead of butter and sprinkled the 100s and 1000s on top – delectable,’ a home chef revealed. 

‘Perfect, no notes,’ one simply said.

A man added, ‘Biscoff on one side, Nutella on the other, and butter with sprinkles on top. Best thing I’ve ever tasted.’ 

Shoppers around Australia gave the Fairy Bread hot cross buns a glowing review

Shoppers around Australia gave the Fairy Bread hot cross buns a glowing review

Some were devastated the buns were already sold out – so they decided to take matters into their own hands. 

‘I couldn’t find the Fairy Bread buns so I bought normal fruit hot cross buns, buttered them, and dipped in sprinkles. It’s actually fantastic!’ a man said.

While others were excited to get their hands on the popular buy.

‘I need to buy some of these during my next shop,’ a woman said. ‘My kids will love them.’

‘So nostalgic!’ another said. ‘I want to cry with happiness.’

‘I’m usually a traditional girl but the novelty has gotten the best of me – might have to try these!’ one noted.

The hot cross buns are now available in Woolworths stores and online Australia-wide. 

Brioche Cadbury Chocolate, Indulgent Chocolate buns and a Woolworths favourite, Cadbury Caramilk hot cross buns, will also be up for grabs along with more traditional flavours.

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