Woolworths new change to sale tickets divides Australian shoppers

Huge change to Woolworths shelves divides Aussie shoppers – so have you spotted it at your local supermarket?

  • Woolworths is trialling digital tickets for products in select Aussie supermarkets
  • Sale tickets are still yellow but many have complained the new size is too small
  • Woolworths says move will prevent wasting paper to use for product ticket tags 

Woolworths shoppers have been left divided over a change to the supermarket’s sale price stickers – which customers claim are harder to spot.

The supermarket giant has been trialling a new digital ticket system in select stores, scrapping the large yellow paper tickets that are stuck on top of existing tags to indicate which products are on sale.

While the new labels are still yellow to indicate a bargain, many Woolies customers have complained they are difficult to spot in the aisles while doing their shopping.

The electronic system allows staff to update prices of products without having to waste paper as they would so in traditional stickers. 

Woolworths has been trialling digital ticket systems, scrapping the large yellow sale tags which overlap the existing prices and replacing them with small stickers (pictured)


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‘Do not like!’ one woman wrote after sharing a picture of the new tags online from her local Woolworths.

‘Not liking the sale signs at Woolworths. You have to look really hard to see them. I only noticed cause I knew cenovis vitamins were half price but couldn’t see any tags,’ she said.

‘Wasn’t till I Iooked closely I saw they are no longer hanging over the original but replacing the original.’

One fellow shopper was so bothered by the change she admitted she stopped visiting her local Woolworths due to the ‘pestie tiny tickets’.

‘I would miss these, I look for the size of the tags. I can barely read those white ones as is,’ said another customer.

‘I don’t like them either. When you look down the aisle you don’t see the different colour but you can clearly see the longer tickets. When I first went there I didn’t bother buying things I thought were on sale as when I looked down the aisle I didn’t see the bigger ticket,’ another wrote.

The digital system being trialled in some Woolies stores means the traditional larger yellow tags (pictured) will no longer be used

The digital system being trialled in some Woolies stores means the traditional larger yellow tags (pictured) will no longer be used

But many have praised the new system, saying it will save time for staff members to attend to customers while also saving paper from being wasted.

Others said the tickets were still yellow and therefore easy to spot amid the white tags.

‘I like it. Saves lots of paper and printing,’ one wrote.

‘The ones that hang come off so easily, kid pull them off people knock them they fall so easy,’ one shopper added.

‘They have a yellow sticker still so I don’t get why it’s so hard,’ a Woolworths customer commented.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the digital system had been trialled in select stores over the last 12 months.  

‘These electronic labels are designed to reduce paper, update the latest prices and specials in real time and reduce manual ticketing to allow our team to focus on serving customers and replenishing shelves,’ they said.

‘We appreciate these customers’ feedback on the trial and will continue to gather more feedback over the coming months.’

The digital tags allow staff to track where a product is in the store to easily direct customers. 

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