WordPress Hosting: How to Choose the Best

If you have a website for your business or your organization, it is important to know that web hosting can be the key to a successful website. By using the best WordPress hosting you will be able to improve SEO and eventually increasing sales. Out there, there are many types of WordPress hosting available like Shared, Managed, Free, VPS and dedicated WordPress hosting. This reading is made as a guide for you to find which one is the best WordPress hosting for your site.

The requirements for WordPress hosting

I will be surprised to hear that WordPress is actually a very light script. That is why it is almost compatible with all kinds of hostings. These are the requirements that need to be met to handle WordPress hosting:

  1. PHP version seven or plus
  2. MariaDB 10.1 or greater version or MySQL version 5.6 or plus
  3. HTTPS support

As a popular website, almost all web hosts offer one-click option for installing WordPress.

Things to be considered

In choosing the best WordPress hosting for your site, some factors need to be considered. The important factors are security, speed, and reliability. However there is one factor is the most important to think about which is, needs. You need to evaluate your needs before you decide what type of web hosting you will buy. This will stop you from wasting your money on unnecessary things.

From the different types of WordPress hosting, we need to discuss and examine one by one to decide which one works best for your site. The types that will be discussed are Shared, Managed, Free, VPS, and Dedicated.

Shared WordPress hosting

This type of WordPress hosting is considered to be the most popular up until now. Shared WordPress hosting is usually used by beginners. The reasons why it is so popular is that this type is the most affordable yet a good start for those new users.

As the name suggests, Shared hosting is when you share one big server with other sites. With multiple sites in one server, the company can provide the service at a cheaper price. the biggest thing to offer by shared hosting is that it offers unlimited resources. Though it says unlimited, if your site takes a significant server load, it will force you to upgrade the accountThis is done because they need to maintain the performance on other sites that use the same server.

Managed WordPress hosting

This hosting which only hosting for WordPress, not for something else. By using this hosting, there is nothing to worry about. Why? This hosting will not only optimize the performance of your site but also keeping it secure and keeping it backed up regularly as well. While hassle-free, high quality and speedy WordPress hosting sound mind-blowing, it comes at a bigger cost. It will get even more expensive if you want to allow several domains. Usually, a beginner cannot afford to pay the high price.

Managed WordPress hosting is perfect for those whose revenue can cover the expense and do not have time and skills in dealing with the complicated technical parts.

Free WordPress hosting

Free web hosting is also available, it usually provided by small groups or online forums. While it is free, of course, there are always some catches to it. Frequently, you will be asked to put their ads on your site, sometimes you also should put a link located in the footer of your website.

The banner ads and the text link will be sold by them to cover up for the free use of web hosting as well as getting some profits from them. The drawback of free hosting is that it is totally unreliable. This because you won’t know when the person will stop the free service. You are left uncertain. If your business is important and you are being serious about it, then it is better to avoid free web hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine. It is a way of dividing one physical server computer into several servers for individual needs. You will have total control as if you have your own server computer as well as the privacy. This type of web hosting usually used by businesses with medium size, aspiring designers pr developers and also high traffic blogs.

Dedicated Hosting

This s a physical server that can be leased from hosting company or provider. This type of hosting will get you total control to the server as well as the operating system, and hardware choice. If you are a beginner, you don’t need this dedicated server. You can consider having this type once you have a notable amount of traffic on your website.