Wrexham A.F.C co-owner Rob McElhenney hopes USA and Wales draw and then both defeat England

American actor and Welsh soccer club co-owner Rob McElhenney admits a draw between USA and Wales ‘would work out well’ before both nations ‘beat the hell out of England’ and then Iran in World Cup group stage

American actor and co-owner of Welsh soccer team Wrexham Rob McElhenney has admitted he can’t support Wales against the USMNT but did concede a draw between the two nations ‘would work out well’.

The USA and Wales will play each other in the group stage on Monday while also facing off against England and Iran in Qatar.

‘It’s a fair question. I don’t know that I can give you a fair answer,’ McElhenney said.

US actor and co-owner of Wales’ Wrexham Rob McElhenney was asked about World Cup game

‘This is where I was born. I think if I rooted against the United States I would be torn asunder.’

McElhenney who is most famous for his work on the show ‘It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ was also born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the same state as USMNT captain Christian Pulisic.

‘However, I feel like a draw between Wales and the US would work out very well,’ he continued.

‘Then we both beat the hell out of England. We both beat Iran and then we move out of the stage.’

McElhenney is co-owner of Wrexham in England's fifth soccer tier alongside Ryan Reynolds (L)

McElhenney is co-owner of Wrexham in England’s fifth soccer tier alongside Ryan Reynolds (L)

Christian Pulisic

Gareth Bale

 Christian Pulisic’s (L) USA faces Gareth Bale’s (R) Wales in Group B at World Cup on Monday

Moving on from the group stage would be a welcome accomplishment for both Wales and the USA.

There may in fact be more pressure on the USA after failing to qualify for the last World Cup and being one of the hosts of the next one. 

The USA face England on November 25 before playing Iran four days later, while Wales Iran on November 25 before a possibly decisive game against England on November 29. 

McElhenney and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds took over English football’s fifth-tier side Wrexham in February 2021 following a $2.76million deal.  

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