WWE sources confirm CM Punk is ‘not currently in line to return to WWE’ – but ‘Second City Saint’ continues to stir the pot

  • The former WWE star famously walked out of the company at 2014 Royal Rumble
  • The WWE will be at the Survivor Series in the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Nov 25
  • Previously asked about whether he was returning, he said ‘tickets are hard to get’

CM Punk has continued to stir the pot over his potential WWE return at the Survivor series in Chicago this Saturday. 

The 44-year-old was released by All Elite Wrestling (AEW) after a backstage brawl at Wembley in September.

Since then, rumours have circulated as to whether Punk will make a hometown return for the Survivor Series in Chicago. 

In an Instagram story showing one of his workouts where he burned 666 calories, he wrote: ‘Just working out!’

However, upon closer inspection the ‘Second City Saint’ attached the song ‘War Pigs’ by Faith No More, which is a cover of the official 2023 Survivor Series theme song, ‘War Pigs’ by Black Sabbath.

The 44-year-old was said to be eyeing a return to WWE at the Survivor Series in Chicago

The former WWE star was fired from AEW after a backstage brawl at Wembley last month

The former WWE star was fired from AEW after a backstage brawl at Wembley last month

He has made similarly vague comments about the WWE event in the past, providing some bizarre excuses as to whether he would be able to make it.

Asked about the event, he said: ‘I think it’s sold out, I think tickets are hard to get.’

He then told this story about his dog: ‘I have an injury in the family. My dog [Larry] blew his dog ACL. 

#’I’m literally just spending my time with him. I know that sounds crazy, but he is my son, and I take care of him and treat him as such.’

Currently, however, sources close to the WWE suggest Punk is not in line to make his return. 

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