WWE star suffers gruesome injury after having her earring ripped out by an opponent live on TV

WWE superstar Jordynne Grace suffered a gruesome injury when her earring ripped out of her ear at NXT Battleground.

Pro wrestling’s predetermined outcomes took an unscripted turn during Grace’s NXT Women’s Championship match against Roxanne Perez on Sunday.

During the match, Grace’s earring got caught in Perez’s fishnets and remained there until the finish.

The mishap was noticed by eagle-eyed fans, including X user @ChandranTheMan, who posted a snap of the jewelry caught on Perez’s costume. He also posted another screenshot of Grace’s ear bleeding during the work.

With the match airing on live TV, Grace was visibly in pain when she pulled away from her opponent and left bits of her ear in the process.

WWE superstar Jordynne Grace’s earring ripped off during her match on NXT Battleground 

Grace's earring got caught in Roxanne Perez's fishnets (pictured) and left her ear bleeding

Grace’s earring got caught in Roxanne Perez’s fishnets (pictured) and left her ear bleeding 

Nevertheless, she continued with the match despite failing to secure a victory.

Afterward, Grace took to X with a picture of the injury and said she would no longer have piercings on the ring.

‘Very sad to announce that after many years of unproblematic, diligent work,’ she said. ‘My ear piercings will now retire from in-ring action.’

Injury aside, the match was entertaining as both women executed good in-ring work. In a striking-heavy showdown, they also executed their athleticism with high-risk maneuvers.

However, a good buildup led to a subpar finish as Perez secured the pinfall to retain her title.

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