Yacht Charters in Caribbean

Snugly nested in a cave between North and South America, Caribbean has always been a challenging travel destination, and sailing in this region is definitely not an exception. Former colonial British West Indies consist of fifty and more islands in the Caribbean Sea and reveal a serene slice of earthly paradise — simply a must-see sailing destination for both experienced sailors and beginners.

The Caribbean Islands evince a magnifical archipelago — group of islands that are big and small and form a scenic view of lee and windward islands, either habitable or tenantless. Caribbean is a perfect combination of well-balanced blend of magnificent offshore exotic nature, memorial houses and pretentious villas with the rain forests, coffee plantations and volcanic landscapes on the background.

Planning a sailing trip in Caribbean you may wish to consider such aspiring destinations as the Greater and Lesser Antilles. The larger islands include Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, while the Lesser Antilles contains windward and leeward shores, Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands. All of the mentioned places offer really spectacular sailing cruises in Caribbean and a bunch of exciting experiences that you may wish to tell your future grandkids about.

If you do wish to sail overseas, 12 Knots can provide an impressive variety of sailing boats and catamarans for charter in this region that may easily fit almost any budget and particular requirements, if any announced.

Caribbean yacht charter may give a truly free rein to those who would like to explore cultural diversity and stunning beauty of tropical islands. Below are three major destinations most popular among sailors from all over the world. Once you plan your new sailing vacation don’t miss a chance to explore any of these countries:

● Cuba
● Bahamas
● The British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The places mentioned above may become a unique possibility to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the bright cultural significance. No need to name any reasons for these countries to be the objects of tourist attraction all the time.

Cuba Yacht Charters

If you are setting sail to Cuba, you may wish to start your trip in Havana — the city where Cuba inevitably begins in. Probably the best time to sail here is from November until April, while the hurricane season usually comes in August and September. So November is probably the best month to choose: it’s dry, warm (21 – 28 °C) and the city is not too busy with tourists. The sea in Cuba is warm all year round too — during the winter average water temperature is about 25 °C at Havana, and 26-27 °C on the southern coast. Please keep in mind that during the period from May to October the weather may bring sultry heat which is not good for sightseeing and roaming around the city.

The beautiful city of Havana offers an exciting blend of the old and new that any tourist will be happy to discover. The streets of the capital of Cuba are full of vintage cars and have a strong imprint of Spanish colonial architecture. Apart of that there are many interesting places to be definitely seen.

If you wish to take a sailing trip to Cuba, consider a cabin reservation aboard of the luxury sailing catamaran to reach the coasts of the Castro’s legendary Island of Freedom — that will be an enjoyable voyage you will never forget.

Bahamas Yacht Charters

Been planning your winter sailing? Well, it may be a perfect chance to navigate an itinerary all the way through the Bahamas! Either first-time cruisers or sailing experts will inevitably enjoy this world’s premier destination known by millions of people who are no strangers to onboard romance.

Being a coral-based archipelago, the Bahamas with its 700-plus islands is a fantastic place on Earth where you can drop an anchor and give time to do some snorkeling. Arguably the Bahamas offers the best cruising facilities to be found anywhere. Plan some time to check in at Bimini or the Abacos — this way you may have a chance to ride the Gulf Stream. Try to avoid sailing during the fall season, because cold fronts may sweep down and bring some not that pleasant “coolness” with rains and northerly winds. The choices of sailing destinations are all up to you: spend time in the lovely Berry Islands, Nassau, Eleuthera, Great Abaco or Out Islands. Planning a cruise you may wish to start your trip in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Hatteras — the more south you go across the Stream.

BVI Yacht Charters

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is among the most popular sailing destinations around the world as well. You may ask why, but it only takes you to look around and it will probably become one of your favorite cruising waters to choose. Comprising four main islands, the BVI is well-known for its famous reefy beaches. The largest island is Tortola where you can visit Road Town — the BVI’s capital.

Talking about the best time for sailing trips in BVI, one should keep in mind the hurricane season. It normally occurs in October and November. Setting sails in December and further may be more convenient, though weather forecasts often show rain. Rains in the islands generally happen for at least every day, but don’t let this fact confuse you: it rarely rains all the day through. As for the other weather surprises, they are quite manageable (though you may face some all the year round). Once again: we recommend one should start sailing in BVI from November to December.