Yacht Rentals for Couples: Romantic Getaways on the Open Seas

A romantic holiday by the sea has its own unforgettable charm. However, staying right on the open sea, away from crowded beaches and hotel resorts, has a completely different atmosphere. Therefore, rent a yacht and enjoy a completely different level of comfort and romance.

Romantic Destinations are Worth Visiting

Greece, Italy, and Croatia are extremely popular holiday destinations. If you would like to get to know them from a different perspective and enjoy privacy, renting a vessel is the best way how to do it. You can rent motor yachts or sailboats with or without a captain.

In the second case, of course, you will need a license.

This may seem a little difficult to achieve. In order to get the license, you need to take a course and pass an exam. On the other hand, holding a license have many advantages, especially the freedom to decide the location and time schedule of your cruise.

And most importantly, you can rent a boat for just the two of you, without any other people. That’s how you’ll experience the true romance at sea – just the two of you, a beautiful ship, open water, and a breathtaking sunset.

Plan a yacht charter in Croatia and prepare unforgettable moments for your significant other. In addition to small motorboats and sailboats for two people, you can also rent larger boats for the entire group, even for up to 70 people.

In that case, however, you would enjoy your time alone mainly in the cabin or during a stop at the port.

How about an Exotic Catamaran Cruise?

If you are looking for something special and you would like to experience more than just a yacht charter in Italy or some other European country, choose a more attractive destination. A Caribbean cruise is one to remember, especially if it’s a romantic cruise.

Wouldn’t that make a wonderful honeymoon or anniversary celebration?

In addition to romance, you will also get to know a completely different culture and nature.

You can rent a sailboat or a catamaran with or without a crew to cruise the Caribbean. Yacht charter in Caribbean offers the possibility of sailing on both small and larger vessels. The smallest vessels are intended for 4 persons, the largest for 20.

Yachts are rented for longer stays, i.e. at least a week.

Why Consider a Yacht Charter Vacation?

Considering a yacht charter in Greece, Spain, or any other destination may be one of the best decisions of your life. It opens the door to new and unique experiences. You can create your own day-by-day itinerary and decide which places you want to visit.

In just two weeks, you can visit more places on a boat than if you went on vacation by car.

A huge advantage is the possibility of swimming in the open sea close to the ship, so you can easily avoid crowded beaches. In addition, you will enjoy the silence, peace, and pleasant swaying on the waves or sunbathing directly on the deck.

You don’t have to worry about the price either.

Renting a small yacht or boat won’t break the bank, at boataround.com you can rent a variety of vessels in different price ranges. Here you will find all the necessary information about the selected yacht, including what license you need.

Of course, you can order the yacht right away, just choose a free date.