Yankees roast baseball reporter Jon Heyman by announcing ‘Jon Soto’ trade on X – a year to the day he infamously tweeted ‘Arson Judge appears headed to Giants’

  • Yankees finally announced the trade for Juan Soto late on Wednesday evening
  • It came a year to the day that Jon Heyman said ‘Arson Judge’ was leaving
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The Yankees mocked New York Post reporter Jon Heyman when they announced their hugely exciting trade for Juan Soto on Wednesday night.

Wednesday, December 6 is a year to the day that Heyman infamously tweeted that Aaron Judge was leaving the Yankees – with a typo calling him ‘Arson’ – a matter of minutes before the team confirmed the slugger was actually staying on a new deal.

And 12 months on, with Judge getting a serious batting reinforcement in Soto, the Yankees announced the news their avid fanbase had been waiting for by reminding Heyman of his tweet.

‘Jon Soto appears headed to Yankees,’ the Yankees simply wrote on X, late on Wednesday night to confirm the trade from San Diego Padres.

Heyman, on December 6 2022 tweeted news Yankees fans had been fearing when he said: ‘Arson Judge appears headed to Giants’ – only for the Yankees to announce that Judge had signed a new nine-year, $360million deal.

The Yankees announced the Juan Soto trade by jokingly calling him ‘Jon’ on X

The Yankees tweet appeared to poke fun at Jon Heyman's one about 'Arson Judge' last year

The Yankees tweet appeared to poke fun at Jon Heyman’s one about ‘Arson Judge’ last year

The Yankees announced their stunning trade for Soto of the Padres on Wednesday evening

The Yankees announced their stunning trade for Soto of the Padres on Wednesday evening 

Heyman quickly backtracked, tweeting shortly after: ‘Giants say they have not heard on Aaron Judge, My apologies for jumping the gun.’

And a year on, Heyman tweeted the news of Soto heading to the Yankees without any typos and without any last minute changes to the deal. 

Soto’s arrival at Yankee Stadium, where he will join Judge in the batting line-up, will spark massive excitement around the team heading into the 2024 season.

Soto, a three-time All Star and four-time silver slugger winner, arrives with one-year on his deal but at 25, has the potential to evolve into a Yankee great if he was to stay long-term.

Soto has hit 160 home runs in his MLB career to date, and 483 RBIs to go along with 786 total hits and .421 on-base percentage.

‘He’s a machine offensively,’ Yankees manager Aaron Boone said Tuesday. ‘On-base, power, has accomplished a ton already at a young age, durable, has been a central figure on a world championship team. 

‘Has come with a lot of fanfare and been one of the rock-solid performers in our sport on the offensive side of the ball, year in and year out. He’s a great player.’

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