Yarra River GoBoat: Twist in case of teen who poured milk over boat passengers from a bridge as he whines that complaints about his behaviour ‘have gone too far’

A teenager who poured milk from a bridge over a group of women who were enjoying a picnic on a boat has lashed out at critics who complained about his actions, claiming that they have gone ‘too far’. 

The prankster was seen in a video uploaded to social media dousing the women in milk while they were riding on a small GoBoat on the Yarra River in Melbourne on Saturday at 12.45pm. 

Victoria Police are investigating the incident with anyone who witnessed the prank urged to come forward and report the incident to authorities. 

‘Police from Melbourne West are investigating after a number of people on a boat were sprayed with milk in the CBD over the weekend,’ police said in a statement. 

‘It is believed people in other vessels may have been subject to the same or similar behaviour.’

The boy, who goes by the username ‘giddynokiddy’ on social media, is seen in the clip standing on the Evan Walker pedestrian bridge as the women on the boat were about to pass underneath. 

The teen then asked the women if they wanted ‘some milk’ and leaned over the bridge with a bottle in his hand, as one of the passengers said ‘Don’t!’

Moments later he poured the milk over the group as one of the women below yelled out.

The teenager who doused a group of women with milk over the weekend (pictured) has lashed out at the complaints that have since been made against him as ‘going too far’

One of the passengers, Veronica Burgess, who uploaded footage of the incident to TikTok, said the teen had ‘ruined their day.’ 

The women were covered in milk while several plates of food including fruits and snacks were also ruined.

The teenager has since copped a huge backlash from social media users condemning his prank. 

He took to TikTok on Monday to tell his followers that the complaints have gone too far and that he is now facing the possibility of being expelled from his school. 

‘Please stop contacting my school, my school has caught me and I am facing expulsion. Can’t believe you would do this to (a) minor,’ he wrote. 

He tagged Ms Burgess in his post and said footage of the prank – which has been viewed more than 13million times – should not have been uploaded online. 

‘Why’d (sic) you do this to me. You ruin my life over a ruined day, you upped the anti, I’m just a kid and you ruined my life. Too far,’ he said. 

Footage of the prank was also uploaded by the teenager to his Instagram and TikTok page but the videos have since been deleted. 

The group of women  enjoying an afternoon picnic had milk poured all over them and several plates of food (pictured) while they were on board the GoBoat

The group of women  enjoying an afternoon picnic had milk poured all over them and several plates of food (pictured) while they were on board the GoBoat

Ms Burgess said GoBoat helped the passengers clean up following the incident before the group of women were able to carry on with their day.  

‘GO boat (sic) were so great and helpful about the situation. They helped clean us up so we could go home,’ Ms Burgess wrote on TikTok. 

Her post was flooded with thousands of comments from users who sympathised with Ms Burgess’ ordeal. 

‘I would be soooo mad!’ one user said.  

‘I’d be so upset. I’m so sorry this happened,’ another wrote. 

‘I’d be fuming honestly.’

Others defended the boy’s act praising the playful nature of the prank.

‘Hahahaha I love it. Innocent fun,’ one said. 

‘Bro poured so much.’ 

Daily Mail has contacted GoBoat for comment.  

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