Yea, Victoria: Shocking footage emerges of a cop striking a pubgoer with a baton outside a country pub – as police hit back at claims they Tasered another man for no reason

Shocking video has emerged of a violent altercation outside a country pub, forcing cops to hit back at claims they Tasered a man for no reason. 

Victoria Police officers have been accused of using unnecessary and excessive force outside a pub in Yea, 112km north-east of Melbourne, just after 10pm on Friday. 

Footage captured by a witness appears to show an officer Tasering a seated man while another used a baton against a man who was not resisting. 

‘He just got Tasered … that’s so f***ing unnecessary,’ the witness says in the video. 

However, a spokeswoman said police could confirm a Taser was not deployed during the altercation following a review of the body worn camera footage. 

It’s understood the officer activated the Taser while warning the man to comply with his directions, making the distinctive Taser noise heard in the footage.  

In another clip, another officer is seen unleashing on a second man with his baton. 

Witness Charlie Hill said the officer hit the man ‘in the ribs three times’. 

‘And he was down on the first one and it just was not right,’ he told 7News. 

A police officer is pictured about to hit a man with a baton outside a pub in Yea, Victoria

A publican is understood to have called police after a hostile group allegedly refused to leave the venue after they were asked at about 10pm on Friday. 

A police spokeswoman said officers had allegedly been attacked before the witness started the recording.

‘The first police on scene were outnumbered, confronted with a highly dynamic scene and had to deploy OC spray to separate those involved in the fight,’ police said in a statement. 

‘As police were attempting to offer aftercare, one of the men involved allegedly attempted to assault one of the officers by kicking out and punching.

‘While police were attempting to subdue that man, a woman has allegedly jumped on the back of a police officer while the second man attempted to grab the officer’s firearm.

‘OC spray was again deployed and all three were taken into custody.’

But witnesses said the response was difficult to watch, with one onlooker telling 7News that ‘it seemed very aggressive, especially for a small town’. 

‘Nothing really violent like that happens. I think they took it way too far,’ they said.

Another witness claimed an officer had placed their knee on a woman’s neck. 

‘It’s not right, she was even saying that she was struggling to breathe,’ they said.

A witness filming the altercation, which happened after a group allegedly refused to leave a pub , is heard saying 'He's gonna get Tasered ... that's so unnecessary' in the video (pictured)

A witness filming the altercation, which happened after a group allegedly refused to leave a pub , is heard saying ‘He’s gonna get Tasered … that’s so unnecessary’ in the video (pictured)

Police said they had charged two men and a woman following the incident in Yea. 

A 29-year-old Taggerty man and a 27-year-old Yea woman woman have been charged with assaulting a police officer and refusing to leave a licensed premises.

A 26-year-old Glenburn man has been charged with affray. 

All three have been released on bail and are due to appear before Mansfield Magistrates Court in September.

On Saturday, Victoria Police issued a statement confirming they are reviewing the body camera footage and will be speaking to one of the officers involved.  

‘Victoria Police have become aware of footage which shows the conduct of one officer in the latter stages of this incident,’ it read. 

‘The matter has been referred to Professional Standards Command for review.’