‘You’ll find my footprint on my dad’: Chilling words of Britain’s youngest double female killer

Britain’s youngest female double killer boasted to the police about her brutal murders and even told officers: ‘You’ll find my footprint on my dad.’

Lorraine Thorpe was 15 when, along with her ‘role model’ Paul Clarke, she tortured and beat Rosalyn Hunt and smothered her father Desmond to death.

Ms Hunt, 41, was beaten to death in Ipswich in 2009 following a row over a dog, with Thorpe responsible for kicking, punching and stamping on her head.

Lorraine Thorpe became Britain’s youngest female double murderer at the age of 15 after the brutal killings of her father Desmond and Rosalyn Hunt

Thorpe and Clarke carried out two days of torture on Ms Hunt including grating her face with a cheese grater and rubbing salt in the wounds.

Mr Thorpe, 43, a ‘vulnerable’ alcoholic, was smothered amid fears that he would tell the police about the first murder.

In a new documentary series, it is revealed how Thorpe was initially disregarded by police because of the horrific violence involved in the double murders. 

The teenage killer then started boasting to her friends about how she tortured her victims and told police she had stamped her father’s head so hard it had left a trainer print, saying: ‘You’ll find my footprint on my dad.’

The show Britain’s Deadliest Kids, which airs tomorrow, reveals how Thorpe laughed uncontrollably throughout her trial after the savage killings.

Paul Clarke carried out the brutal killings alongside Thorpe in 2009

Paul Clarke carried out the brutal killings alongside Thorpe in 2009

Speaking in the documentary, DCI Rick Munns, the investigating officer who worked on the case, said of Thorpe during her initial police interview: ‘She didn’t show any particular remorse around the death of Rosie Hunt, and completely denied any involvement in her father’s death.’  

As more evidence came to light, it became apparent that Desmond Thorpe was subjected to a similar level of violence to Rosalyn Hunt.  

Consultant forensic psychologist Dr Keri Nixon said: ‘She laughed about the level of violence they used again Rosalyn Hunt.

‘In my experience, I have never seen this level of violence, these types of injuries, enacted by a 15-year-old girl.

‘Usually, in cases like this, they will partake in some violence. But to be actively involved in such torturous activity, is incredibly rare.’

She said Thorpe didn’t passively watch her father die but rather ‘actively engaged in the violence’ towards him.

Thorpe, who was diagnosed with ADHD, showed no remorse during her trial, and even giggled throughout the court proceedings. 

Rosalyn Hunt’s brother, Adrian Provins, speaks exclusively in the documentary, saying: ‘The first time I went to court, all I remember is Lorraine Thorpe laughing and giggling to Paul Clarke as if it was all a big, big joke. 

Rosalyn Hunt was tortured over days by the pair with psychologists saying they had never seen such a level of violence from a young girl

Rosalyn Hunt was tortured over days by the pair with psychologists saying they had never seen such a level of violence from a young girl

‘No one stopped her. I felt disgusted, I felt like I wanted to jump over and just rip her head off.’

Both Lorraine Thorpe and Paul Clarke were found guilty of murder, making Thorpe Britain’s youngest female double murderer.

Clarke was sentenced to 27 years but was found dead in his cell four years later. 

She was sentenced to a minimum term of 14 years in prison, making her eligible for release by the time she turns 29. 

The judge ruled she had been brought up ‘with no real understanding of what is right and what is wrong’.

Mr Justice Saunders said she could be ‘manipulative’ and was not acting entirely under Clarke’s control, adding: ‘She found violence funny and entertaining.’

The judge said Clarke, also an alcoholic, was the ‘instigator’ in the murder of Ms Hunt, although Thorpe ‘played a full part’.

‘Far from being sorry, Lorraine appears to have gloried in it, describing to her friends at one stage how she stamped on Rosalyn’s head,’ he said.

Dr Keri Nixon, a consultant forensic psychologist, said Thorpe’s crimes could have been avoided if she had never met Clarke.

She said: ‘I start to feel complete empathy for the girl that was let down by society and professionals. No girl should be living with her alcoholic father at the age of 12.

‘She was lost. She went from her mother to foster care, and then she ran away to be with her father and eventually social services lost her and she was living on the streets drinking with alcoholic men. That shouldn’t happen in our society.

‘I believe she was groomed by Paul Clarke and living a life that no teenager should be living.

‘But then we look at the level of violence she enacted on Rosalyn Hunt. It was so extreme, so vicious, and that’s where it’s difficult to look at the vulnerable girl.

‘Would those murders have taken place if she wasn’t part of that drinking community, and if she hadn’t met Paul Clark? No, I don’t believe they would have done.’

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